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NLL Insider - Team by Team: Washington Wizards

by smokey, updated on Wednesday, October 11 2017, 10:19 pm EST

2016/2017 season record: 38 – 44 (8th)


The Wizards made the playoffs!! Darko and his wizards franchise have been down in the dumps for some years since winning the championship in the 2010/2011 season. It hasn’t been from a lack of trying to build something that will compete in the East, some good moves over the season always seemed to follow with a bad one. But this year Darko has finally been able to start building something that all the Wizards fans can start to be impressed by. Although going down 4-0 in the series against the Sixers, this season is something Darko can be proud of and definitely build off moving forward. And sometimes all it takes is to be a part of something to really get a taste for it.


Normally getting swept in the first round of the playoffs would be a low light and a waste of a season. Some fans may have thought the end of being down the bottom and mediocre may never end. Darko seemed to be trying his hardest to grab players to make him just sneak into the playoffs, but wasn’t quite looking towards both playoffs and the future, and once again trading out his 1st round pick while adding a lot of vets who won’t be around forever. But things definitely took a turn for the better in the second half of the season and things now look very bright in town.





Carmelo Anthony

Kyle Korver

Nick Collison


Klay Thompson

Andre Roberson

Bismack Biyombo

2nd (2017 – SAC)

By the crowd’s reaction when this trade was approved, Washington won this deal by a country mile. Personally I didn’t hate this move for the Kings and feel it was more even than some thought. But for Darko, he finally pulled off a move that he can be proud of. However, surely the fans were waiting in the background for the next bad one? At the time Klay was absolutely firing, and adding a nice young defender in Roberson was great for the future.





Cash (gm points)


Channing Frye

Matthew Dellavedova


Jodie Meeks

To be honest, I struggled a little bit to find a worst trade for the Wizards this season. Darko has done a good job all round. This one stood out a little more than the rest, only because personally I would have preferred to keep Delly over having Jodie Meeks, but that’s the only reason.


WASHINGTON RECEIVE: Robin Lopez, Dragan Bender, Buddy Hield, Seth Curry, 1st (2018), 1st (2019), 1st (2020), 2nd (2020), and 45 GM points.


The only reason this was not the best trade was because it happened once the site flipped over and technically in the off-season. This needs to be spoken about though and darko has done an amazing thing for the franchise and it’s future. Darko Virtually traded Carmelo, Nick Collison, and kyle Korver for this haul plus Andre Roberson. The wizards are now in a great position for the future and if Darko is smart he can build a contender in no time.

WASHINGTON RECEIVE: #49 (2017 draft – Dillon Brooks) and 1st (MIN) 2018

PORTLAND RECEIVE: #34 (2017 Draft – Wesley Iwundu) #39 (2017 Draft – Sindarius Thronwell) 2 nd (UTH) 2018

Nice move to trade multiple assets in the 2nd round to move into the 1st round for the 2018 draft. Even if Darko doesn’t use this pick in the draft, it is good trade bait for throughout the season.


MIAMI RECEIVE: 20 gm points

For where Darko wanted to get to (Playoffs) Korver was a good add to his team who added that spark and sweet shooting touch. Didn’t cost him the world, and ended up using him to land Klay Thompson.

WASHINGTON RECEIVE: Julius Randle, Jeff Green, 1st (UTH) 2019


Gasol was falling out of favour for the Wizards with Darko looking more towards the Future. Randle has the potential the be great, and has worled hard in the off season so looks set for a big year in the Wizards Uniform.


The roster this season for the Wizards has been a revolving door throughout the whole season, Darko trying to get the right mix and bring in players and assets that can help him. Gary Payton seems to be the only signing that it still on the Wizards roster, unless I completely overlooked this?

Look for the Wizards to be bigger players in this section over the next couple of years as they continue to build.


Who on this roster actually played more than half a season with the Wizards? Klay Thompson and Carmelo Anthony were great for the team when they were around. Julius Randle is the face of this franchise at the moment, and the up and coming talent would be loving every minute of it. Is he someone you can build a contending team around? He is certainly a great start and he adds to the bright future of where darko is taking these Wizards.


Darko… Now, I am a fan of Darko. He works his butt off to try and make his team compete and all his intentions are great. However, it’s always a case of there being a nice trade followed by a completely pointless one for his team. But this year the tides have turned and I congratulate Darko on what he has done for this franchise. It really only takes one trade to really turn the whole franchise around and to Darko’s credit he performed extremely well this season. Not only did he surprise me and plenty of others, but he probably surprised himself in what he can achieve. Keep up the great work Darko, and I am sure you will create a monster out in the east with some more smart moves in the upcoming season.


#42 – Frank Mason

#49 – Dillon Brooks

One reporter graded the Wizards a B, and one graded them a C minus, and they are probably right on the money really. It is hard to gauge the players when they were both taken in the second round. Darko did a good job though in grabbing a couple of young kids with some good upside, and a player like Frank mason, although playing behind Fox in the NBA might get his chance soon enough and become the great point guard the Wizards have been looking for.


The Future is now extremely bright in Washington. I can’t underestimate enough how well Darko has done this season with his trades and the position he has moved this franchise into. It has been a tough few years for the team, but with some more smart managing by Darko the Wizards could become great. The key here is patience, If Darko and his staff have this then they will no doubt make all the right moves in the coming year or two and things will be great. One silly or forced move though then things could fall apart as quickly as they were brought together. Good Luck Darko.


Jamal Crawford – A smart, sharp shooting Vet who can help the youth of this team grow. Darko will make a point of bringing him back.

Christiano Felicio – Will earn about 8mil per season, but as a RFA Darko will once again make a point of his return to add to the youth of the team.

Andre Roberson – Another young talent who is getting a bigger pay packet this season and another RFA. Should be back at the wizards next season as they move forward.

The Rest – Leandro Barbosa, Roy Hibbert, Kris Humphries.

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10/12 07:56 pm
I believe Delly was a sign and trade and meeks was the best thing i could get for him.
10/12 04:51 am
No worries mate. Was fun to write about your team. That wasn't the photo I chose haha but I think it's better than the one I picked
10/12 12:21 am
Thanks for the write up, it was really good. That pic is an actual photo of how old my PC is lol.


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