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Topsy-Turvy Land.

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Sacramento Kings Commence operation; Twin Towers.
New York Knicks The death division is currently the worst division in the league.
Detroit Pistons All jokes aside, Detroit management disappointed to see a fellow gm take the easy way out. "Heartless and no passion" heard around the offices.
Houston Rockets Doncic or Porter Jr.?
Indiana Pacers Salt??? What salt?
San Antonio Spurs "He can't guard me!" Embiid on Whiteside match up
Philadelphia 76ers Rumors that James "Blood Sport" Johnson brought in to line up at Centre in place of Rudy Gobert. 
New York Knicks Are the Knicks back on track? 
Minnesota Timberwolves *Tumbleweed*
Indiana Pacers Pacers home court proves too much for the road tripping Kings. 
Dallas Mavericks Too many quality guards on the Mavericks... Who's on the way out?
Sacramento Kings Fans have got week three match up against the Spurs circled on their calendar #BleedPurple 
Houston Rockets Waiters / Teague trade doesn't fall through. At end of day, Houston still prefers Waiters at PG. Vitticus quoted, "I had to play against Dion Waiters as a PG in 2K18, and he was a matchup nightmare. I've never had this much trouble of a matchup since Kyle Lowry in 2K17."
Charlotte Hornets Hornet fans start a candlelight vigil outside of KP's home.
Atlanta Hawks With the play of Sabonis at center, where does that place Monroe in the lineup? Starting? Or off the bench?
Orlando Magic A Small roster tinker coming soon in Orlando?
Memphis Grizzlies If you could sign Alex Len or Bill Russel in his prime, how much would you pay Len?
Boston Celtics "KD is the heart of this team, and it's best player, but it doesn't mean without him we just stop being a great team and doing everything for each other." -Brook Lopez
Miami Heat With 3-1 in the first week - investigations into match-fixing has begun in the NLL
LA Clippers After drubbing to C's Clipper's GM claims that roster moves may need to happen. 
New Orleans Pelicans Len may need mid season surgery, if he continues to carry the pelicans on his back.
Houston Rockets Hardaway Jr's shooting slump right before ratings update is really hurting us right now.
LA Clippers Russell to miss several games... Ulis or Smith to step up...?
Chicago Bulls Bulls must protect home court against two of the East's most talented teams. For that to happen, Dirk must play better defence.
Washington Wizards Ish Smiths starting gig in jeopardy after poor week of shooting. Curry, Mason and Crawford all looking to take his place.
Oklahoma City Thunder Mirotic at SF? The OKC plan looking even more tasty after week 1
Cleveland Cavaliers MCW returns and straight into the starting line up. 
Detroit Pistons City of Detroit looking to invest in a salt mining company. "The salt levels are the highest I've ever seen them, time to strike while the iron is hot!"

Denver Nuggets Sneaking out a one point victory against the Hawks as the only win for the week, sets the Nuggets to the brink of combustion. Players Only Meeting being held.
Sacramento Kings Massive improvements shown by rookie Mike James with reports that the Kings consider the starting PG position wide open...
Utah Jazz More injuries, more challenges, let's go after win #2!
Golden State Warriors There are trade talks about Jon Leuer
LA Lakers
Nikola Vucevic; "Embiid and Davis, I'm comin!" *said while piling stank face and nodding slowly...*

Memphis Grizzlies Taj Gibson trade rumors already swirling. 

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11/15 03:55 am
Haha! Nice one Jesse!
11/13 09:15 pm
Oh geez, and we play the 5-0 Magic, didnt even see that. Rough week two at the United Center
11/13 09:12 pm
11/13 04:15 pm
You're a savage Laddas
11/13 10:55 am




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