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Jan, 20 - Week 11 injuries are posted. Set your rosters by Sunday night! [vt]


2k Ratings Update

Jan, 18 - A pretty small ratings update... but new ratings are posted. [wizkid]


New FAs

Jan, 17 - Kyle Collinsworth and Trey Burke are up for bids. [vt]


Cavs Roster Fixed

Jan, 08 - Gerald Green was so excited with all of the GM points that he forgot to show up... he's there now. [wizkid]


Sims Assigned

Jan, 08 - Sims are assigned now. [dunadan]


Patch is up

Jan, 08 - NLL Week 10 patch is up on 2kshare. [wizkid]


First 10-day Guy

Jan, 06 - Demetrius Jackson is available for bids. He will be $0 until he signs a rest of the year deal. Then his money will be added to your cap. [vt]


Patch is up

Jan, 01 - Happy New Year! Week 9 is here. [wizkid]


Week 8 Corrected Patch Up

Dec, 25 - Patch is up. All teams should be good now. Please re-download if you have any Phoenix or Portland games. [wizkid]


2k Ratings Update

Dec, 24 - New ratings update has been posted to the site and will be used for week 8. [wizkid]


Patch is up

Dec, 18 - Week 7 is underway [wizkid]



Dec, 11 - This weeks patch is up as NLL Week 6. Updated sliders are also on 2kshare as "NLL" by user "Deputy". GET THE NEW SLIDERS BEFORE SIMMING!!! [wizkid]


Minny Hires

Dec, 10 - The Wolves welcome new GM Joshua. [vt]


2k Ratings Update

Dec, 07 - The newest ratings/tendencies are now up on the site. For once 2k actually updated tendencies - which is nice. Check out the changes on the ratings and ratings changes page. [wizkid]


Week 5 Patch

Dec, 04 - It's up on 2kShare as NLL Week 5 [wizkid]


Week 4 Patch

Nov, 27 - Is up. Looking into what we can do to have the week start at midnight again to get this out faster. [wizkid]


Week 3 Patch

Nov, 20 - It's up on 2kShare - NLL Week 3. Let's get some games going! [wizkid]


Spudspace Quits

Nov, 17 - We'd love to lie and tell you his departure has nothing to do with salt. But it does. [vt]


Post re: sliders

Nov, 16 - Please check the 2k forum for the updated plan for changes [leeroy]


Small Roster Fix

Nov, 14 - Added a fix for New York's roster. Please grab the new one from 2kShare - "NLL Week 2" [wizkid]


Week 2

Nov, 13 - Patch is posted on 2kShare as NLL Week 2. Grab it and go! [wizkid]


2-way Players

Nov, 12 - About half of the two-way players are now available for use in your lineup. If you have one that isn't that you want to use, please message the NLL Inbox. [wizkid]


Missing FA

Nov, 11 - Luke Babbitt is available. [dunadan]


Another Fix

Nov, 09 - Grab new roster before simming please. [wizkid]



Nov, 09 - A new roster patch is on 2kShare as NLL Week 1 with fixes to several teams. Please grab it before simming any more games! No submitted games should be impacted. Again, please give a super-quick check of the rosters you're simming vs the patch rosters on the site to make sure they match to avoid any issues. [wizkid]


Attention Simmers

Nov, 08 - Simmers should NOT change any settings after DL the Sliders file. They are linked in 2K17 and if they are changed to All-Star (as per previous years) this will override all the User Sliders in the Sliders file. [laddas]


Rosters up - sim away

Nov, 07 - Week 1 rosters have been put on 2k Share (search for "NLL Week 1"). If simmers could please do a quick check of the rosters they're simming since this is week 1, that would be awesome and help us avoid any issues. [dunadan]


Sliders for Simmers

Nov, 07 - The sliders we will be using for all sims is called "NLL" uploaded by Deputy(Dazman) Please search for it, download it and save it as "NLL". [laddas]


Set your lineups

Nov, 06 - Please double check your lineups ASAP, so we can go ahead and kick off week 1. Thanks! [dunadan]


We're almost back

Nov, 06 - Bear with us. [dunadan]


2-Way Players

Nov, 05 - All 2-way contract players have been added. Ratings and id's for them will come soon. [laddas]


Request Sims

Nov, 04 - Please set your sim requests for week 1 asap. I was late activating this. Thanks! [dunadan]



Nov, 03 - Please proceed and sign your final FAs. Two-ways too. [dunadan]


Downtime coming up

Nov, 02 - The downtime was delayed by 24hrs, but will be happening soon. DNS entries for the url will have to updated. So it may be a while before the site is reachable again. [dunadan]



Oct, 31 - There will be a planned downtime tomorrow Nov 1. So no panic :) [dunadan]


New FAs

Oct, 29 - Josh Smith and Willie Reed (who slept through FA day) are available for 24 hrs. [dunadan]


First round picks

Oct, 23 - All first rounders are ready for signing. [dunadan]


New exception

Oct, 23 - For FA day 2 we will be adding non-bird exceptions. With this exception you can re-sign your own players to 120% of their previous salary even without bird years. (Unless you are over the hard cap.) [laddas]


FA tests

Oct, 16 - There will be some testing for FA day today. [dunadan]


Atlanta Hires!

Oct, 16 - The Hawks bring in bndrsn10. [vt]


2k18 Ratings

Oct, 09 - The 2k18 Ratings are now reflected on the site. Take a look at your guys' new ratings. [wizkid]


We're back

Sep, 07 - Everything should be up and running again. Report any remaining issues in the forum. [dunadan]



Aug, 29 - The site has been upgraded to PHP 7, which will require some migration of the code. So if you run into error messages, that's the reason. I will try to get the forum up and running again first. [dunadan]


Frahminator Quits

Aug, 21 - The Hawks and Markelle Fultz in need of new skipper! [vt]



Aug, 04 - I will be updating the salaries throughout the summer. [vt]


Have a great summer!

Jun, 27 - The league has shut down for the summer. No more trades will be accepted. Keep checking in for updates. Have a great break. [vt]


League Shutdown

Jun, 25 - The league will shut down for summer at 8pm NLL time on Monday. [vt]


NBA 2k17

Jun, 23 - We'll be using NBA 2k17 - Steam version ONLY for simming next season. There is a Steam sale going on now. Get it! [wizkid]



Jun, 11 - Sorry for the delay - I'm on vacation and passed out. Good luck! [wizkid]


No patch

Jun, 10 - No new patch for day six. [dunadan]





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