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We're back

Sep, 07 - Everything should be up and running again. Report any remaining issues in the forum. [dunadan]



Aug, 29 - The site has been upgraded to PHP 7, which will require some migration of the code. So if you run into error messages, that's the reason. I will try to get the forum up and running again first. [dunadan]


Frahminator Quits

Aug, 20 - The Hawks and Markelle Fultz in need of new skipper! [vt]



Aug, 04 - I will be updating the salaries throughout the summer. [vt]


Have a great summer!

Jun, 26 - The league has shut down for the summer. No more trades will be accepted. Keep checking in for updates. Have a great break. [vt]


League Shutdown

Jun, 25 - The league will shut down for summer at 8pm NLL time on Monday. [vt]


NBA 2k17

Jun, 23 - We'll be using NBA 2k17 - Steam version ONLY for simming next season. There is a Steam sale going on now. Get it! [wizkid]



Jun, 11 - Sorry for the delay - I'm on vacation and passed out. Good luck! [wizkid]


No patch

Jun, 10 - No new patch for day six. [dunadan]


Pelicans Hire

Jun, 05 - League is full again as the Pelicans bring in new GM GC6. [vt]



Jun, 04 - Finals injuries are posted. The return times for guys who were on eliminated teams is updated on the forum. [vt]


NO GM Quits

May, 31 - Blackmajestic leaves the team with many questions and a hole in its skipper position. [vt]


Draft Lotto

May, 17 - will be held in the league chat room THIS Saturday, 6pm NLL time. Be there. [vt]



Apr, 30 - will be done on Sundays now to preserve a full week since we're doing daily patches. [vt]



Apr, 26 - Send all recaps to VT's email. [vt]


Playoff Day 2 Patch

Apr, 25 - New patch for Tuesday is up [wizkid]


Round 1, Week 1

Apr, 22 - Injuries are posted! [vt]


Merencio Back In

Apr, 19 - Game on! [vt]


New Ratings

Apr, 18 - Looks like mostly small changes - but the new ratings are out. See forum for patch. Ratings changes on site show the differences from the tendency AND ratings change combined. [wizkid]


Last FA

Apr, 18 - A last free agent (a rating-less Dahntay Jones) is available for anyone wanting to invest heavily into back to the future. [dunadan]


Non-Playoff NBA Player Injury Retur

Apr, 17 - We have determined when these currently injured players who are not on playoff teams in the NBA will return. Check forum. [vt]


New Tendencies

Apr, 16 - The site is updated with an extensive tendency update from 2k. 30-40 point changes in some tendencies are common, so check it out! Patch in forum. Happy Easter!! [wizkid]


Merencio Fired

Apr, 13 - The Jazz are looking for a new GM. [vt]


2 FAs

Apr, 13 - Elijah Millsap and Axel Toupane are available. [dunadan]


Whats next?

Apr, 10 - Playoffs will start in 2 weeks as we finished a bit earlier than NBA. Non playoff NBA teams injury to be posted when complete. [leeroy]


Four new FAs

Apr, 06 - Four new (ratingless) FAs are available. [dunadan]


Patch is Up

Apr, 03 - One last time for the regular season! [wizkid]


Week 20

Apr, 02 - Sorry for the lateness. Injuries are posted. Let us know if we missed someone. Set your lineups by the deadline on Sunday night. [laddas]



Apr, 02 - Will be updated late this week. I'm out of town. Sorry for the inconvenience. [laddas]


Patch Is Up

Mar, 27 - Week 19! Almost there! [wizkid]


Week 19

Mar, 25 - injuries are posted. Let us know if we missed someone. Set your lineups by the deadline on Sunday night. [laddas]


New Ratings

Mar, 24 - New ratings are updated on the site and a patch is posted in the 2k forum [wizkid]


Patch Is Up

Mar, 20 - Week 18 is on! [wizkid]


Miami Hires

Mar, 20 - Welcome new GM Breece! [vt]


Remaining games

Mar, 19 - The remaining games are back with the simmers they belonged too. Fines were reversed. [dunadan]


Week end error

Mar, 19 - We are aware the week ended a day early. It is being looked into. Fines will be reversed [leeroy]


Week 18

Mar, 18 - injuries are posted. Let us know if we missed someone. Set your lineups by the deadline on Sunday night. [vt]


New FA

Mar, 15 - Larry Sanders wants back in. [dunadan]


Patch Is Up

Mar, 13 - Week 17 patch is up. Sorry for the delay. [wizkid]


New FAs

Mar, 10 - Jarrod Uthoff and Manny Harris are available. [dunadan]


New FA

Mar, 09 - Wayne Seldon is available for 10 days. [dunadan]



Mar, 07 - Jordan Crawford is also available. [dunadan]


New FAs

Mar, 07 - Johnny O'Bryant is back for a 10-day deal and rookie Shawn Long is available too. [dunadan]


Patch is Up

Mar, 06 - Good luck in week 16! [wizkid]


Sad Day for the NLL

Mar, 06 - The Miami Heat have dismissed GM Proid. The team is now looking for a new GM. [vt]


New FA

Mar, 04 - Justin Harper is available for a 10-day contract. [dunadan]


Ratings Update

Mar, 04 - New Ratings are up on the site. Pretty much every player was updated in some manner. Patch in the forum. [wizkid]


Trade Deadline

Mar, 01 - has passed! No more trades will be accepted. [vt]


New FAs

Mar, 01 - David Nwaba and Norris Cole are up for bids. [dunadan]


New FA

Feb, 28 - Isaiah Taylor is available. [dunadan]





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