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What do we offer to our players?

The Game: Unlike most other leagues on the web NLL v2 has restricted itself to a slow pace. We are following the NBA Season (including Preseason and a Summer League), playing only one season per year. This enables us to come closest to the real thing. No made-up rookies, no early or late retirements, real injuries...

The Site: The NLL web-site is dynamic. Submitted games are processed automatically. Scores, standings and stats are updated immediately. Trades and line-up changes are also processed in real time. Every GM can edit his team-page according to his wishes. There's a gallery every GM can contribute to. There are also detailed statistics for both players and teams.
Baseline: the site is updated a couple of times each day (by various people).

Who is welcome to join?

Please note that because of all these features NLL demands a rather high level of participation from its GMs. What separates a non-modem-league from playing franchise all by yourself is the interaction with other GMs. So that's what we want.

If you want to join the NLL please fill out this form. Or contact one of the commishes.

What are a GM's resposibilities?


How To

Here are some guidelines for vital things you have to do as a GM.




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