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NLL - The Early Days, short NLL, was founded during the summer of 2001. After a change of ownership within the first couple of weeks, NLL has established itself as one of the top online communities for EA's NBA Live.

NLL v2

After adopting the sim-system early on, NLL was the first major league to dedicate itself to a slow pace in the fall of 2002. With only one NLL season per real life year (following the NBA season) the league achieves a maximum of realism for it's GMs. Player-ratings are updated on a monthly basis, based on NBA performace. Injuries are real life injuries. Even salary-cap rules are as close to the real thing as possible.

Like the idea behind the league, the interactive NLL site keeps on setting standards for every non-profit league on the web. It is designed to create a maximum of involvement from GMs, who have a multitude of ways to contribute to the content of the site. Spanning from team-news over pictures for the gallery to entire team-pages.

A core of players has been playing together for several years now and for most GMs the league has become more than just another game they play. It's the game. They are dedicated to their franchises, battling through bad times, injuries, long summers, longer regular seasons, with only one goal in mind. To one day win a NLL championship.

As a consequence of all the features offered by the league, NLL demands a high level of participation and dedication from it's players. There is also a multitude of rules and regulations in place to protect the integrity of the league.

So if this is what you're looking for sign up here and/or contact one of the commishes.