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Roster - Phoenix Suns

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What’s a Suns fan to do?

2 seasons ago, the Suns brass really felt that they were only a small piece or 2 from being a perennial contender for the NLL championship.  However, after a few moves that didn’t work as planned, the Suns decided to make a big move, acquiring Al Horford.  As the season went on, Suns management continued to try to add pieces to ensure a playoff berth, but it was not meant to be. 

GM Pennywise is at a crossroad.  Should he continue to try to add more pieces to the existing roster, or should he blow it up and try to rebuild?  There really is no way of knowing what direction to go, as the Suns roster on paper should be very competitive.  Maybe they really do only need 1 last piece to get over the hump.  On the other hand, how much more is GM Pennywise willing to give to continue to falter?  Are we just “banging our head against a brick wall”?

The Suns really view their core as Kemba Walker, Tim Hardaway Jr, Al Horford and Wilson Chandler.  Everyone else could possibly be moved.  Yet, a GM came calling for Al Horford…. making the Suns brass wonder if they should throw in the towel and try again.  The trade offer wasn’t bad, but it didn’t really make quite enough sense to pull the trigger.  This doesn’t mean that the Suns are against moving Horford.  Quite frankly, anyone could move, including Kemba and Tim, as long as it makes sense long term.

There are already deals being worked for players on the roster, with at least 1 agreed upon and another potentially close to being finalized, so even now, the new team plan is starting to form and take shape.  Regardless of whether any of the Suns core 4 get moved, fans can expect to see a lot of new faces the 1st day of practice.


Current depth chart:

PG                                                              SG

Kemba Walker                                          Timothy Hardaway

Spencer Dinwiddie                                    Ian Clark

Brian Roberts                                            Wesley Johnson


SF                                                               PF

Wilson Chandler                                       Al Horford

Nick Young                                                Thomas Robinson

Wesley Johnson (or SG)                        Omri Casspi (or SF)

Omri Casspi (or PF)

Anthony Brown



Joakim Noah

Jeff Withey

Omer Asik

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