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Game 7

Bucks vs Knicks round 2 goes to game 7, yet again. 

The series had that feeling from the start, two evenly matched teams fighting for every possession.  Knicks took the all-important game 5 and the momentum turned in their direction. It looked liked it might be a big game for Bucks as they erased the big lead and had the advantage going into the  final minute. However, Knicks and Harden executed better in final moments and Westbrook just couldn't make it, going 0-3 to end the quarter. Maybe Knicks used their lucky points there ;).

Bucks GM made some changes, nothing big as the best matched lineup already was on the floor most of the time; just some additional power to some players. Westbrook especially started game 6 with a chip on his shoulder. It looked like another tightly contested game from the beginning, but Bucks really wanted this one more and put the foot on the pedal in 2nd quarter. Early leads usually don't mean much in NLL but it's been different in this series, the team with early big lead won in all six games. The two guys that were called out in last game, Westbrook for his late game struggles and Gordon for shooting to much took the team on their shoulders and never looked back. The bench, who looked so unmatched in game 4, kind of played well for 2nd game in a row.

So, game 7. We probably can't take much from last game, it was weird from start of 2nd quarter till the end. But the pressure is on Knicks side now, they almost have to make some adjustments after the blowout. Bucks could sit tight and hope for the repeat of their performance from Friday. But there must be adjustment for the Knicks adjustments, right? I guess both teams are already at the limit and don't really have big surprises hidden in their sleeves. Any major lineup changes are to risky and will be pointed out if they fail. Could Lou replace KCP in the starting lineup? Skal in place of struggling Giannis? More attention to Harden or let him get his? The surprising upstart Prince on James? We'll see tomorrow morning.

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05/27 10:50 pm
QN, Qtr. 5, #2




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