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Bad News

Hi Warriors fans!
We have some bad news for you today.

Nicolas Batum has injured his elbow during a Pre-season game.
He suffered a torn ligament in his left elbow.
He could easily miss the start of the season until the start of 2018.

What does that mean for our Warriors team at the start of the next season?
Our GM traded for Batum to have a solid veteran starter at the Shooting guard position.
ICYMI: That deal sent Luol Deng and Donovan Mitchell (just traded for the Detroid Pistons) away for Nicolas Batum and Lucas Nogueira.
So Marcus Smart could run the point guard position and Batum would have been his partner in the backcourt.
The team will miss Nicolas, for sure!

So with the injury of Batum the team is likely forced to go back to Smart and McConnel in the backcourt.
But then we have a hole in the backup point guard position, if Smart is playing most of his time at shooting guard.
Smart as starter and McConnel as his backup would have been a nice combo.

But now McConnel needs to start so the coach need to split the time of McConnel and Smart at the point guard position and he needs some time out of Demetrius Jackson.
But it is not sure if he will be back with the team next season.
Maybe Marcus Paige could join the team instead of Jackson, but this is also unclear at the moment.

The shooting guard position isn¬īt that big of a problem. So maybe Muhammad or Zipser could start at shooting guard and this could leave the point guard situation like it was with Batum in the lineup.

We will see how this works out and we hope that all other guys stay healthy during the Preseason.

Stay tunes Warriors fans, enjoy the Preseason and be excited about the near season start!

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