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Roster - Golden State Warriors

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Whats next for the Warriors?

After a good season behind us and a little time to reflect everything we will take a quick look back and we will look at the things to come next for our Warriors.

We reached the playoffs ... after 13 years without playoffs in the bay area this was a real great experience.
Yes, we were blown out by the Sacramento Kings in round one with no real chance, but it was a good learning experience for our young players. 

One of the best parts of last season was Barnes looking like a star player for most parts of the season.
And Saric stepping up as one of the best rookies with loot of potential.
We are very loaded at the forward positions, even after trading Chandler away.
A real shooting guard is not on the team at the moment. 
Zipser is a nice talent for this spot, but he will need some more time and maybe he is more a SF than a SG...time will tell.

Now we have a young roster with not a lot of free agents to enter the summer.
We have our first round draft pick just after the picks of the lottery teams.
Who should come with this pick ... or will the pick be traded?

Picking a guard should be good for the team, but picking best available could be an option, too.
Most of the guards will be lottery picks ... especially the good point guards in this year’s draft.
But there is a lot of talent even after the lottery picks, we hope MaiLo makes a good decision.
There are some trade talks, but we don´t now enough about it at the moment.
If we keep the pick it will be the first 1st round selection with MaiLo as our GM.

Stay tuned Warriors fans, enjoy the finals, the upcoming draft and the summer break :) !

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06/09 08:37 pm
QN, Qtr. 5, #2




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