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Trade Details

The Milwaukee Bucks send Aaron Gordon to the LA Clippers.
The LA Clippers send a 1st-Rounder (Por) to the Milwaukee Bucks.

Salary Details

LA Clippers $ 5,504,419 $ 0 $ +5,504,419 0
Milwaukee $ 0 $ 5,504,419 $ -5,504,419 0

Player Details

Aaron Gordon
First rounder (Por) for 2018 - ()
First rounder (Por) for 2018 - ()
Aaron Gordon
  Comments (21) 
07/29 11:42 am
Josh Jackson, Dennis Smith, AG, John Collins...all elite leapers. No need to bring out the mini trampolines after Clippers scrimmages finish.
07/29 10:17 am
I think Gordon is a great fit for Clippers, brings what they lack, elite athleticism. Josh and Smith will also help in that regard (I guess, haven't seen either).
07/29 03:09 am
Portland will try to prove teams wrong and not get bottom 3.
07/29 01:48 am
I think ppl are meaning that the player is more risky than they would prefer if it was them trading away the potential #1 overall. To me, this move signifies your transition from rebuilding to possible contender. I always appreciate when a GM goes after it all, so good luck to you Andrew. If Gordon turns a corner, this could be the trade that makes you a west coast dynasty. You also filled the need for a solid PF. Gordon is extremely athletic and that tends to show up well in the 2k engines. For wolf, you turned a #6 pick into a top 4 and probably #1 overall. I think both teams filled needs. It's always possible this pick becomes the next Darko Milicic too
07/29 12:09 am
My comment is based on past trades for a pick in that projected spot and for that pick itself. Badwolf trade DMC for the #1 pick and Jabari was in a trade involving that pick, so on and so forth. Maybe Im just not that high on Gordon. Hope it works out for everybody, it's not like LA is missing potential stars so...
07/28 11:33 pm
Could get something better on draft day :/. Good deal for the bucks
07/28 04:29 pm
Perfect for Milwaukee. Not a huge fan for LAC - a #6 pick that has been a bit of a disappointment, probably isn't a top 100 player and will have a big pay raise next summer for a likely top 3 pick... it's not awful, and I get the reasoning on the Clippers side, I just would have thought they could do a bit better as far as what guy they got in return.
07/28 03:01 pm
07/28 02:52 pm
Pretty funny hearing how valuable "That Pick" was sure didn't seem that way with some of the offers that came through..
07/28 01:57 pm
Greeny nailed it! Classic Milwaukee move! The value on that pick is too good!
07/28 01:39 pm
Could just hold, cop the fine and win a title...
07/28 12:02 pm
That's life in salary cap for you ;)
07/28 11:48 am
draft lottery pick - check. wait 2-3 years - check. assess whether he will he be an allstar / superstar - check. if no to previous, trade him for another lottery pick - check. rinse repeat!
07/28 09:23 am
depending on how fast his current crop of rookies come out the blocks, Clippers could break through to the playoffs this year. Booker, Gordon, Russell, Hood, Capela, Zeller all looking to take that next step and the addition of MKG... i'm liking it! Add in he rookies JJ,Smith, Collins, Anunoby, Zizic and Ryno and little Ulis... Sheesh.
07/28 09:14 am
Gotta stop going for picks eventually!
07/28 08:51 am
Yeah I don't see the point in clippers sitting on more picks for more rookies, making these types of moves now is perfect. Fills a need for him too at PF and I think AG is going to have a breakout year playing there full time too. Good move imo.
07/28 08:37 am
To good a value to pass, but I'll miss Gordon's contributing this year. And I agree, clippers look ready.
07/28 08:32 am
Gordon is 21yo about to (IMO) have a break out season laying fulltime PF. hoping the portland pick is good while hoping the rookie drafted might be good in 2yrs doesnt fit my time line i want to compete now. thx :)
07/28 08:18 am
That was my thinking
07/28 08:16 am
That's probably a pretty valuable pick
07/28 08:14 am
more to come?




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