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Rated PG13

Rolling Thunder: 28/06/2017


The season ended, the Spurs took it all and the rest were left to lick their wounds and wonder how they might be able to dethrone the Spurs next year who look like a roster that can go all the way again. GM Nenjabin wasted no time in showing the NLL what his intentions were next season and the Thunder got a new rating…

The biggest knock on a talent laden Thunder squad last season was that they simply didn’t have a go-to scorer who was a threat to drop 30+ on a nightly basis, demand the ball in the crunch and go head to head with the Lebrons, Hardens, Davis’, Melos and the like. Their glaring weakness was made even more pronounced by having seemingly the most likely spot for such a guy, instead filled by a non-ball dominant defensive lockdown wing in MKG.

The Thunder love MKG and what he brings. “He’s the glue guy”, Nenjabin has stated on numerous cases. The guy that doesn’t need the ball in a line-up that features a ball dominant PG, a ball dominant PF, a scoring C and blossoming but, not flat out, scoring wing. But if the team was going to improve anywhere, SF was it, unless they believed MKG would make that next step.

The Wolves and Thunder had been in discussions surrounding Paul George at the trade deadline but couldn’t reach an agreement at the time. Now the season was done for both teams they were once again in discussions but the desire was greater for both and a deal was swiftly struck, and then turned into a 3 way deal.

Thunder get: Paul George and John Henson
Toronto get: Tyson Chandler and Pick 37
Minnesota get: Jonas Valanciunas, Evan Fournier, Pick 7 and Pick 30.

Valanciunas was one of the Thunder’s longest tenured players and starter for number of seasons, but with the emergence of Nikola Jokic last season, his role diminished into a reserve role last season and he became expendable. Evan Fournier likewise. $31 million sitting on the bench for more than half the game. It made perfect sense to shift some depth and bring in PG to hopefully solve the scoring issue while not relinquishing anything on the defensive end. Toronto was engaged later to take Chandler for the younger and less often injured John Henson.

The immediate benefit is clear. PG is a massive upgrade on the wing even bringing more size let alone shooting and all round scoring. He’s a lockdown defender himself and with a pass first PG and floor spacing around him, he should thrive in the Thunder starting unit.

Henson is likely less certain what he brings, even than what Tyson Chandler would, but the Thunder didn’t want to have to sit fingers crossed hoping that Tyson was going to be playing for them each week, let alone down the stretch, and Henson at least brings stability there. At least while it’s undecided if JaVale McGee is returning, as he’d likely assume the reserve role again like he did to start last year.

Welcome to Oklahoma Paul George and John Henson!

- OKC News

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06/28 09:22 pm
Cant be rated PG13, im gunna get f****d hard, this'll have to be reclassified lol
06/28 09:13 pm
haha the headline!
06/28 10:27 am
QN, Qtr. OFF, #1




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