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Roster - Minnesota Timberwolves

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Gone Gallo, I'm in Love!

The Minnesota Timberwolves have closed the trading doors until free agency.  With the last couple of deals, the lineup has been solidified, and there are a solid 10 players that are going to be in the rotation.

After many discussions with about 8 different teams, Danilo Gallinari is finally traded in principle.
  The sign & trade of course can’t go through until free agency season, but I’m glad to say a deal has been done.  The Wolves front office almost pulled the trigger on a couple of different deals, but ultimately, the deal was completed with the Brooklyn Nets.  We will be packaging Gallinari & Jabari Parker together in order to complete the deal.  And who are we getting in return, well sports fans, Kevin Love is on his way to Minnesota!  The prospect of pairing Love and DeMarcus Cousins together to get one of the best frontcourts in the league was too good to pass up.  We saw how the Spurs won it all with a dominant frontcourt and role players around them, and building on that model was tantalizing.  Love will instantly make the team one of the best rebounding teams in the league, and will also provide a potent scoring punch with Cousins.  We will also be getting local favorite E’twaun Moore in the deal.  He will come in and be the backup point guard/ shooting guard that the team has been looking for since Deron Williams aged 30 years in one playoff series.  Moore is still young, an excellent shooter, and is from Purdue, a college near and dear to Spudspace’s heart.  The last part of the trade is that the promised 2019 pick of Brooklyn’s stays with the team to solidify the deal. 

This deal makes our starting lineup one of the best in the league:

DeMarcus Cousins

Kevin Love

Evan Fournier

CJ McCollum

Jeff Teague

We were in the running on the Klay Thompson sweepstakes, but it didn’t work out as the godfather offer from Daz and the Bulls was more than any team could overcome.
  This move puts the Wolves very close to the Lux Tax, and then Ron Baker conned the Knicks out of almost $5 Million per year.  He is very likely on his way out of Minnesota as that contract is just too rich for a 3rd string point guard for a team close to the lux tax.  All that said, we really needed a backup SG/SF player, and free agency was likely where we were going to look.  Sadly, the team won’t have any GM points to spend on UFA, as all will be committed to keeping Teague, Zaza, and Gallo.  When Doug McDermott came available, we jumped at the chance.  We moved our 3rd string PF and a late 2018 first for Doug and an early 2018 second.  It’s a gamble, as Doug hasn’t performed as well as most GMs would like, but it’s a contract year for him, and he has the backup wing spot locked up right now in OKC.  This move gives us a solid backup lineup with:

Zaza Pachulia

Domantas Sabonis

Doug McDermott

Glenn Robinson 3

E’twaun Moore

We won’t be looking to make any more trades until free agency happens.
  The goal will be to sign 1-2 minimum guys that would be able to help out when the inevitable injury happens to someone.  Another point guard and wing player would be helpful, but we will see what the market dictates.  For now, it is a relief to shut it down and have a relaxing offseason.

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  Comments (3) 
07/16 11:32 pm
QN, Qtr. OFF, #5
07/16 07:09 pm
One of many trades between minny, brooklyn and orlando. Its a trading Bermuda triangle.
07/16 01:42 pm
Congrats man, things looking great for the wolves. Glad we could figure something out




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