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Roster - Minnesota Timberwolves

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Oh No!

Week 1 is behind us and it wasnít a great one.  As noted in many of the comments, the sim engine isnít acting like many expected, and as a result, the star-laden team in Minnesota ended the week 2-3.  Not a great time for a 5-game week as apparently our coaching settings were not good.  Not to fear!  The team has made some major changes going forward into the next week.

Justise Winslow has been inserted into the starting lineup.  After being dead last in defense in week 1, the team has been concerned with the defensive effort up and down the lineup.  They turned to noted defensive specialist Justise Winslow in an attempt to jump start the teamís effort on that end of the court.  This also gives Evan Fournier a chance to come off the bend and provide a nice spark off the bench. 

Another big problem has been CJ McCollumís ball dominance.  While he is one of the best shooting guards in the league, the team would like to get the ball in the post more.  It appears that bigs are destroying in week 1, and K-Love and Boogie arenít getting enough touches to dominate.  CJ has been spoken to about who should see the ball first on most possessions. 

Fouls.  This was a big concern in our game against Utah where it appeared that the refs didnít want a basketball game to be played and wanted a free throw contest instead.  Defensive coaching strategy has been looked at and hopefully the team understands that while uncontested layups are unacceptable, letting a team win on the free throw line is also a no-no.  In future games, we are looking to do better in this area.

Looking forward into next week, we have some games against 4 teams with better records than us currently.  While Portland, Memphis, and New Orleans donít appear to have the star power, they put together some nice wins.  The concern is that the team continues to play poorly and loses to these teams.  Charlotte is without the Unicorn, but they have plenty of length to make up for it.  After a bold prediction in week 1, the front office is tepid on week 2, and refuses to make predictions.  Spudspace was quoted by the media as follows:

ďIf we canít figure out how to stop the other team from scoring, this whole group might go.  I know itís a bit of an overreaction after one week, but I have no problem moving on from any player if they cannot produce.Ē

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