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Lakers Notes

Brogdon: The second year guard has a very steady hand...

Monday, 20th November: Week 2 is in the books and the Lakers are still a 0.500 team.  Yup, despite the heroism of Nikola Vucevic the purple and gold win as many as they lose.  Lets look at some of the stories around the team.

Vucevic is for Real:  The big man from Montenegro is a monster in the paint.  Currently he is rated as the NLLís 2nd best player, (behind only Karl-Anthony Towns of Milwaukee).  He ranks in the top 5 in 6 statistical categories including points, free throw attempts, defensive rebounds, field goals made, free throws made, total rebounds.  He has the highest usage rate among all Centers with 60.8 touches per game.

Beating the Sub 0.500 teams: The Lakers are 3-1 vs teams with a losing record and the opposite vs those above them on the table.  This is classic sign of a middle of the road team.  Which right now is what they are.  Losses to SA, OKC and MIA have shown that against the cream of the crop the one man Vucevic show is not enough and therefore Lakers management are considering ways in which to get other players more involved.  Week 3ís schedule looks easier with games vs MIN, UT & ATL who have all struggled to date.

Defense and Ball Control:  Whilst Vuc has been a force on offense the team as a whole is lacking scoring punch and so far has relied upon defense to win games.  Currently ranking 10th in total team defense the Lakers have been making it fairly tough on opponents to score.  In particular team steals have been good with the Lakers ranking 6th highest in steals per game.  The other pleasing statistic is the Lakers currently lead the NLL with the lowest team turnover count at only 9.3 per game.  This is a credit to the teamsí PG Malcolm Brogdon who ranks 7th in total assists with an AST/TO ratio of 3.0.  excellent in anyoneís language.

Carroll: Are his days in LA numbered?

Trade Talks:  The Lakers have engaged in talks with a few teams with the main focus being on moving a SF/PF type player such as DeMarre Carroll in exchange for a SG/SF.  Any teams who may be interest in such a player please message the front office.

Stay tuned for more from your Lakers Basketball Network.

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