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Rockets Make the Playoffs!

Congratulations! The Rockets are going to the playoffs. Things didn’t mesh so well at the start, but we figured it out. The Rockets now stand 7th place in the Western Conference and will face the Sacramento Kings in the first round of the playoffs.
We’ve gone 3-1 against the Kings this year:






Hou @ Sac


104 – 101


Sac @ Hou


115 – 122


Sac @ Hou


99 – 111


Hou @ Sac


85 - 111

Of course Sacramento’s team has had many looks throughout the season. Let’s have a look King’s key players.

Carmelo Anthony

GM KLEMMELO traded Klay Thompson for Carmelo in week 12. Although Klay was a very powerful asset, the Kings wanted to win now. Klay was able to put up the numbers, but he didn’t win the games. The Kings needed some 4th quarter fire power and Carmelo was that guy. The Rockets had problems with players of this nature before like Lebron James, Demar DeRozan, and Demarcus Cousins. These are players that even when people are feeling tired in the 4th quarter, they can still light it up. We are still waiting on word of Carmelo’s sore left knee. Carmelo can play both the PF and SF position. The Rockets don’t have enough defensive power to completely shut Melo down, but they do have enough to slow his game.

Nicolas Batum

Nicolas Batum has always been solid for the Kings. He has generally been a third scoring option for the team. But with hints that Reggie Jackson may get shut down for the season, Batum may need to become the second scoring option. Batum has scored 20, 17, 15, and 13 in the last four meetings against the Rockets. These are all great scoring performances. This will certainly be a player the Rockets will need to watch out for.

Now let’s look at some role players the Rockets may have to look out for:
  • Kyle Korver - Korver has been inconsistent this year, but he has been known to light it up here and there.
  • James Johnson - I’m not sure if James Johnson is a player to watch out for, but he did drop 19 points on us in the last week of the season. 
This is only an initial look at the matchup. The coaching staff will have to delve deeper to see how this team functions.

Congratulations Houston. You've earned this.

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