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Roster - Denver Nuggets

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What now for Nuggets?

Deadline Deals?

As the trade deadline passed the Nuggets as usual were still fielding and making calls in an effort to see them get to the peak of the Western conference. GM Rootsey felt there may have been an opening for the Nuggets to sneak past the Spurs, Kings, and Thunder through to the finals, but nothing came together to improve the team in any meaningful way, so deals weren't made. So where does that leave the Nuggets? After the last 10 games against good quality competition, we see them floundering 3-7. 

Since the trade for Eric Gordon, Enes Kanter, and Markieff Morris the Nuggets are only 2-5 and just haven't found a system that suits the style they want to play. With plans for a stretch four in Morris being supported by Ersan Ilyasova from the bench, and strong rebound centre position in a Gortat and Kanter combination, it seemed to be clearing a path for John Wall to play a Spread Pick and Roll and get to the hoop at will and create space for Porter to sink the three. Currently the system implementation is in its early stages and as it coincided with the second toughest weekly schedule, its hard to draw many conclusions except the Nuggets can't beat the best.

So over the next 5 weeks until the playoffs kick in, there will be a lot of training put in place to tweak the system to find the right combination that yields results. There has even been suggestions that Gortat could move to the power forward spot, send Markieff to the bench. Also there have been whispers that Wall could move to the 2-spot bringing Collison into the starting line up and having Eric Gordon move back to his bench role. Now that Norris Cole has been signed, it adds an extra dimension to the possible rotation.

Wrong Uniform Guys


There was hope in the organisation that we might see Norman Powell improve a little in the recent ratings patch, in practice (NBA) he's scoring well when given the chance and when he plays with the starting 5 he seems to be able to drop 20 on any given night. It looks like we might have to wait a little longer to see if he can improve before the playoffs. 

Jamychael Green got some respect from the ratings gods with a small uptick, which may see him crack the 10 deep rotation, his rebounding and shooting stats may see him slide in behind Morris at the four and Ilyasova moves to back up Porter. 

Obviously there are many options to explore in Denver, surely one will be chosen for week 16, but will it be the same for week 17? Week 18? Playoffs? (assuming they stay in)  

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