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Wade, Wade and McBob

A whirlwind few weeks for the front office of the Nuggets brace has seen three new faces join the squad and fare-welled a few others. 

The first Wade is of course Dwayne. The Nuggets had been quite upfront about trying to add another quality starter to their line up as they saw the competition at the top of the West get tougher and tougher with trades and movement from Oklahoma, Minnesota, and Sacramento  to join the already strong San Antonio. The addition of Wade goes counter to the way the league is trending towards the deep shot (as displayed by the Klay-Thompson-mania in Chicago). Bringing in a historically below average deep shot to join a unspectacular three point shooter in John Wall would look like on paper to condense the floor and make it more difficult to score. The pairing seems to work though when actually on the court together and joined by the offensive rebounding machine that is Enes Kanter, the shorter offensive boards seem to fall into his hands. 

What Wade does bring to the table is a veteran presence that radiates throughout the team and his badges look to make him difficult to stop when at the basket, similar to John Wall. Now if the Wade trade falls in a heap because he sits a lot or gets bought out, the cost was the back up big man, Marcin Gortat and the back up back up small forward, but still on a rookie deal and looking promising, Timothe Luwawu-Cabbarot. Unfortunately this also saw Ersan Ilyasova have his rights waived. The Nuggets hope to welcome Ersan back into the team during the free agency period, as they value his abilities but they understand his skillset on the contract he is on will be highly sort after.

One of the effects of the first Wade trade lead to the after effects of the next two trades. Due to the timing of the trade, it left the Nuggets a few million short of the salary cap, therefore limiting their ability to be eligible for the full over cap MLE. That's where McBob came in.

GM Rootsey worked the phones for a good week and a half looking for a small salary dump that would only cost him a future 2nd or a few GMs. Initially he attempted to bring in players that would suit his team shape and look to contribute to the following season, but no takers due to his willingness to only part with smaller assets. After working his way down the list of Hybrid players (see below) he landed on McBob who may not make an NBA roster next season for a total of 4 GMs, to be paid sooner or later 

So McBob got him close to the cap and all he needed was a player to fit into a one of the few TPE's the team held. If McBob is bought out prior to or during free agency and other players are waived the team could have $9M under the cap and then a further $8M in MLE depending on the timing of when other players (see Otto Porter and Jamychal Green) want to get paid.

The second Wade (Baldwin IV) was a player that the Nuggets had an eye on in the previous draft due to his length, but he went to one of the two places in the league that all length goes to, Milwaukee. The Bucks had soured on Baldwin's development due to a poor G-League and Summer League performance, but the Nuggets still hold hope that Baldwin can fight for a place on the main roster and perform as John Wall's back up.

The Nuggets look set for Free Agency now, but may have to re-enter the trade market due to interest in their second round pick, Josh Hart, garnering interest around the league. GM Rootsey has stated he wants a fair price for what is effectively a first round pick, without a caphold. And is no rush to trade him, as he still regrets sending Larry Nance jnr away, who he picked up in a similar draft position. Jamychal Green may also force the GM's hand if a sign and trade is negotiated, but the future is still unclear around how the restricted free agency process will go.

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