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We Still Believed

Cavs had their backs to the wall, down 3-1 and 2 of the remaining 3 games were away. GM PK had was at wits end, had made a few changes, allot of practice sim’s all looked great, but when it came to game day, nothing panned out.

Kawai was a huge loss for the 76ers, rated as the top defender in the league, who would have matched up on superstar Lebron James. Lenard is 76ers top scorer, a 50% knockdown shooter while only demanding 150 touches per game. His absence caused Lillard to become unstoppable, in the 1st 4 games of the series, Lillard averaged 33 points, 10.5 assists and 5 rebounds. He was a game winner, 2 of the 3 wins for the 76ers were by 1 shot, heart breakers for the Cavs, and Lillard was always in the play, if not taking the shot, finding the open shooter.

76ers with Leonard out is still an awesome unit. It actually rated higher that the Cavs starters with a combined rating of 408 compared to 406, that’s with McCollum on the bench. Take away Lebron from the starting unit, the 76ers bench is rated higher than the Cavs starters.

The 3 game streak to pull a miracle

Enter Harrison into the starting line-up. A rookie, rated only 70, he is a pretty good defender, but his most important feature, he has an amazing shot IQ, finds the open man often and doesn’t demand the ball, allowing Lebron to take control more.

Harrison’s stats weren’t anything to demand a huge pay rise. It was his effort on defense, and the job he did on Lillard which had to be marveled, Lillard’s scoring went down to 18.6ppg, the decline ended up being the difference.

76ers are a top team, they had the best record for the season and were favoured to go all the way. This deserved to go to 7 games, and the last game went down to a final shot, luckily for the Cavs, it didn't go down. VT, great series, sorry you had to go out this way

We now look forward to the Eastern Conference finals, and return of Covington, who is the Cavs highest scorer off the bench and the 3rd highest ranked player for the Cavs. He adds a huge amount of flexibility and options to this versatile side.

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  Comments (8) 
05/30 09:43 pm
These seem like maximum fun! especially for the sixers...
05/30 09:12 pm
Fun facts, Amazing how they come out at the optimum moment
05/30 09:09 am
Fun fact: I came back from 3-1 down on the Sixers last year too iirc :)
05/29 10:49 pm
Fun fact. Harrison was originally a sixer
05/29 08:26 pm
05/29 06:16 am
Thanks Jesse.
05/28 09:00 pm
Great win. Well done !
05/28 06:09 am
QN, Qtr. 5, #2




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