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Player Review Lebron James

Player Review Lebron James

Lebron is rated the best played in the competition. He lived up to those expectations again leading the Cavs to the Eastern Conference finals.



Lebron had statistically his worst ever offensive season in the NLL. Averaging 23.1 ppg was lower than his rookie season, his minutes also took a slight dip or 3 minutes, as Covington and Ross were able to give him a bit rest to better finish off games.

Early in the season, it started to show that Lebron wasn’t superman, with ever replenishing health. The Cavs setup everything to go through their star, knowing that when the game was on the line, they were in great hands.

This didn’t go to plan, Cavs lost 7 of 12 leading into week 4, of those loses, Cavs were ahead in the 4th quarter in just about all of them. 3 of the losses came down to a Lebron game winner which he missed. Fatigue was certainly playing a big part in the game.

At this point the Cavs reduced the load, sharing the scoring and the play making around. Lebron was still the highest scorer in the team, and assists were almost a career high. With less touches, success followed, Lebron wasn’t the only option for game winners.

Rating: C+



Lebron is still rated one of the best defender in the competition. That being said, all his statistics were lower this year, his Blocks were at an all-time low and steals were the 2nd lowest of his career.

As a SF, Lebron’s Rebounds were still very respectable, though the lowest in 7 season. Based on statistics, and the way other Small Forwards were able to move past Lebron, I don’t believe this engine really suited his game play.


Rating: C

Lebron had a down season, there is no denying, he makes his team mates better. A focal point for the team, making them better in every attribute. Lebron was in MVP talks but never a real contender as he doesn’t beast teams, he plays the opposition like a violin, putting them down slowly at the end of games.

Even though he is marked harshly against previous seasons in offence and defence. His final grade is based on his overall impact on the team, and he was an important part to that success this season.

Final Grade: B



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