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Splash City, The Place To Be

Splash City, The Place To Be

A lot has happened in the last month in the place affectionately known as Splash City.

First of all, the Bulls have been winning, a lot, with a 12-4 record, including two undefeated weeks.

This puts the Bulls current record at 18-7, and see's Chicago currently sitting 3rd in the East, easily the best start to a season since Sheed ran this team.

Week 6 is now in the books, and was one of those undefeated weeks. But it wasn't supposed to be that way.

During Week 5, as Tim put it, the screams of GM DazMan32 were heard across the globe when superstar Steph Curry turned his ankle badly, meaning he would miss the next week.

Looking at the schedule, with games against the Jazz, Clippers, Thunder and Heat, a 0-4 week was widely expected, perhaps a 1-3 if Klay and Dirk had big games.

But with Joakim Noah finally making his Bulls debut and an unknown, untried 6-2 NLL sophomore slated to start at point guard, the Bulls went 4-0, beating 3 current playoff teams, causing GM DazMan32 to exclaim "Steph who?"

Looking ahead to week 7, another 5 game schedule awaits, Curry, the MVP candidate and highest scoring NLL player is still out, so is Dewayne Dedmon, who is still recovering from a stress fracture in his leg. And in a huge blow to the already thin big man ranks, Noah needs a week's rest after playing 128 minutes.

DazMan32 remembered the last 5 game schedule, during Week 5, he also remembered that the Bulls had their worst week of the season, 2-3 with Kevon Looney starting at center.

"After reviewing that week, and Kevon Looney's tendencies, it was decided that he was not the right fit at center in the offensive system we are trying to run." "I'm not going to reveal my secrets, and tell you what that system is, or why he doesn't fit. But i knew i had to make a trade, and find someone who is." Explained DazMan32.

So a few players were scouted, trade discussions were had, and it was decided that Nick Collison was the best available fit, and the guy best suited to fill the starting center position in Joakim, Dewayne and Damian's absence.

So Kevon Looney's tumultuous time in Chicago comes to an end. GM DazMan32 has this to say.

"Although he never quite looked the player we thought we were getting when we traded for him, we do thank him for his services and wish him well in Toronto."

So there are a few key guys on the IR, but the Bulls are buying into the system, playing well with each other and are continuing to prove the doubters wrong so far.

This is what makes Splash City, the place to be!

Jessica Alba (Suitably dressed for a Bulls game featuring the Splash Brothers)
Personal friend of GM DazMan32 and the Chicago Bulls number 1 ticket holder!

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