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The Re-Up?

The build-up towards the post-2016-17 season, off-season free agency period was ominously lingering and looming, threatening to tear apart the core of the Boston Celtics. The teams best two players, and veteran do-it-all spiritual leader, are all unrestricted free agents. Kevin Durant, Kyle Lowry and Andre Iguodala can all leave if they wish to pursue other avenues – be it for a different role, greener pastures or greener bank accounts.

A possible outcome of the FA period for Boston 

While nothing can be signed officially until the FA signing days commence in approximately three months time, each player has been quoted in the media as to their intentions for the free agency period. The information is legitimate and straight from the horse’s mouth, and good news, Celtics fans… it appears that the band is staying together.

Cue the outrageously thankful cheers!

‘There’s no place I would rather be’,
said Durant, as quoted in the Boston Herald.

No sweeter words have ever been uttered to a Celtics fan.

‘Ever since I arrived in Boston, management has never waivered in their pursuit to create a championship team and surround me with talent. They leave no stone unturned and are very present in the moment, putting it all on the line to try and win. I appreciate and respect the tenacity. I don’t think people understand what we can be, have seen what we actually are, what we can do. I love my teammates. I love the city. This city deserves a title and I want to give them a title as a Celtic.’

Durant had one of his best statistical seasons in 2016-17, and was right up there in the MVP race until injury stuck in week 15.

Once word got out that Durant was never entertaining leaving, the dominos soon began to fall.

Kyle Lowry, soon after the Durant article broke, was recorded tweeting the following:

‘@KLowry7: never been happier than I am playing as a Celtic, unfinished business’

While there is still a lot of time to pass, Kyle seems fairly strong in his beliefs in the team and about him as a Celtic.

Durant – check. Lowry – check. All that remains is Andre Iguodala, the veteran defensive genius and all-around glue guy that was brought in mid way through the last season.

Thankfully, we were able to catch Andre Iguodala leaving the practice facilty:

(Andre, have you made a decision yet as to your future this off-season?)

‘I’ve just been spending time with my family, taking some time to relax. I am starting to get back into NLL-mode, getting some shots up. I’ve been scrimmaging with KD, KL and a few other guys. I have a lot to offer still and I want to hit the ground running next season, so I will really ramp it up soon. I want to repay the faith and give the team exactly what they need.’

(The team? So does that mean we can expect to see you in a Boston uniform come October?)

‘Like I said, I’m just getting back into it, but I know I loved my time with the Celtics. We’ll see.’


 Now, these comments don’t set any decisions in stone, but the juju feels very, very positive for the green team. With Durant committed to the franchise, and even rumoured to be willing to take a pay cut to bring the other guys back, the rest of the dominos should fall in the right direction.    

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