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Wolves Bring in A Junkyard Dog

Wolves Bring in A Junkyard Dog

In the first major trade for new GM Joshua Vilarino we will go through and evaluate the players fit on the wolves roster and give some general feedback on what the player brings overall

DeMarre “Junkyard Dog” Carroll- Fit in the side: B+

As his nickname suggests Carroll is a scrapper, someone willing to put their body on the line for every loose ball and lockdown on the opponents best perimeter player. His role on offensive is suited quite well for what the wolves need. A low maintenance player that only takes shots that are given to him (mainly corner 3’s) and one that moves the ball quickly is exactly what is needed in a starting line up that has plenty of mouths to feed. Could his three point shot be slightly better for someone acting as a 3 and D wing? Yes. Are we nitpicking here? Most likely. Welcome to the squad Demarre!

Frank “The Tank” Kaminsky- Fit in side: B

Kaminksy was sought after in this deal to play a 6th man role off the bench and be the offensive force required when one of the wolves elite big men come off the floor for a breather. Offensively Kaminsky can space the floor all the way to the 3 point line, put it on the floor for a couple of dribbles to get to the rim (although he can struggle to finish over length) and is an able and willing passer. On the other side of the ball Kaminsky is quite nimble for a 7 footer on the perimeter and is a smart defender who is almost always in the right spots. His lack of elite length and athleticism may hurt him on this side of the ball but Vilarino has been overheard saying that he thinks with the basketball I.Q “The Tank” possess he will be able to overcome that. Welcome Frank!

Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot- Fit in side: A

The young frenchman has all the the potential and drive to become an above average player in this league on both sides of the ball. Offensively he has shown flashes of being able to nail the 3, finish around and over traffic and even initiate the pick and roll with sound decision making in the process. On the defensive side Timothe possess quickness and length to become a top tier perimeter defender in this league. At this stage they are only flashes but GM Joshua Vilarino really likes what he sees in the young man and believes in his sky potential. Welcome Timothe!

We would like to welcome all 3 players to the Timberwolves and see big things for them in our uniforms.

Until next time   

(GM Joshua was late introducing these players as he was still reeling from the loss of both his all star big men)

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