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the Knights watch

The Portland Trailblazers would like to welcome the newest addition to the team, Brandon Knight. 

Although Knight doesn't enter the team with the cleanest of bills, he still has a bright future ahead of him. As you are all most likely aware Knight went down with a torn ACL during the 2016/17 season. Due to said injury Brandon will unfortunately miss the entire 2017/18 season.

Obviously the Blazers front office was well aware of this, but clearly the fact he is only 25 and his potential outweighed him not being able to suit up this season. This deal also helped Portland deal with their roster issues, by issues I meant the fact they had almost 20 guys on their roster. so this helped condense the list, but I believe they still currently have 16 players on the roster. so more moves may be yet to come.

The Portland GM stated this when asked about the trade, “Obviously i was hesitant to move guys like Layman and even more so Iwundu, cause I was really keen to see what he can do at the NBA level. I get attached to these young guys and what them to grow here, but clearly that isn't the way things work…so i had to make the move to acquire proven talent. I know talent at a risk, but you know what i always say, “you have to risk it to get the biscuit.” and in this case we did risk it and who knows, hopefully if Brandon can get to his former form ill definitely have crumbs on my face.”


Positive and dice rolling words from the General Manager. Its clear he is willing to make moves and with the current youth on the roster, combined with some great seasoned talent, this upcoming season will definitely be an interesting one.

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  Comments (4) 
10/14 12:12 am
Good guy, great work ethic i like him...
10/12 02:48 pm
QN, Qtr. OFF, #10
10/12 02:32 pm
I like how the roster is shaping up!
10/12 02:31 pm
Nice headline you GoT




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