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Should I Stay or Should I Go?


Miami, think you oughta know,
Should I stay or should I go?
If you say that there’s a dime
I'm waiting til Free Agent time
So I think you oughta know
Should I stay or should I go?

As free agency looms on the horizon – the Miami Head Office waits anxiously to seal their fate. As the up-coming season shaping up as a step-forward or building block for bigger and better things. GM Breece has been biding his time as many of the team’s players have expired contracts. ‘Consider this an opportunity for a clean-out and the perfect instigator for a rebuild,’ said Breece. With multiple players in the mix including PJ Tucker, Monta Ellis, Devin Harris and new arrival Maurice Ndour – the Heat have cap space to secure some potential pieces and achieve the short-term goal of bringing youth and potential franchise players into the roster.  However if they go it might spell trouble, although the belief of the Heat is that if they were to stay it would be double.

Monta Ellis - 'I believe in loyalty... with a 2 yr evaluation. I also believe in really experiencing the world - East Coast, West Coast you name it.' Journalists were noticeably confused by Ellis' contradictory responses.

The caliber of the free-agent market has already started to tease, tease, tease – but the poor record of the Miami Heat will be difficult. In recent news – the Heat have had negative projections that pencil a rough season ahead. The Heat are under no illusions about the daunting prospect ahead of them leading into the season. However shining lights from last season Powell, Frye and Augustin have spoken openly at a recent press conference with an invigorated mentality.

POWELL – The team have been working overtime to produce a season that will prove many wrong. The three B's has been of mantra: Boards, Buckets and Balance. 

FRYE – With the new additions on the way and the foresight of management, I am looking forward to the future in Miami.

AUGUSTIN – Last season was tough on all of us – however, we started turning things around towards the tail end of the season. I hope that we are able to find another member of the starting five to assist in the supply.

LaVar Ball has spoken out about the BBB mantra with distain, seeking to stop the Heat from using it in the lockeroom.

'That Big Baller Brand can't be outdone by Boards Buckets Balance. Can't be done! Never will!'


My Ears Are Burning

In the newest promotional banner for the up-coming season – it features the three menacingly looking ahead, in front of a flaming background with a silhouette of rookie signing Kyle Kuzma emerging. Emblazoned on the flames - the words: HEATERS GONNA HEAT.
HOT NEWS -Lakers great Magic Johnson seen providing Miami Heat rookie Kyle Kuzma with pointers to improve his game. Johnson has made no comment about his involvement. 

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