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Not player or team options on contracts - but what options do we have? Whereas the previous few summers have been all about acquiring and developing talent - this summer will be about managing money. The deadline blockbuster sent the Nets over the top in talent, but also dollars and this offseason is going to be a lot more stressful because of it.

The Nets only have two free agents of note, and they're both restricted - this sounds like it would be a great case for keeping the team together and not having to worry about a thing. The problem is that resigning just one of Tony Snell and Mason Plumlee will likely take them well beyond the luxury tax, and resigning both with push their payroll to record-setting heights.

Assuming the team is interested in keeping their starters together, they really don't have much money that they can spend on the bench... The starters are all locked in at $104 million for next season - honestly a bargain for who they have in that lineup. And they even have some great contracts on the bench like a couple of rookie deals and bargain deals from the last CBA. However, even E'Twaun Moore's fairly reasonable $8 million contract hurts - let alone the forthcoming deals for Snell and Plumlee that are likely to go into 8 figures annually.

So they will potentially have their top three bench players making over $30 million total - also not an unreasonable amount. However, that pushes their top 8 to around $135 - and that is way beyond reasonable. The team really needs to find a new home for Snell, Moore, or Plumlee unless they're considering more significant changes. The market has been a bit cool on all three - but that is somewhat expected, as every offseason teams have visions of what their cap space and draft picks could become. It is starting to look like the more likely scenario is for the Nets to re-up Tony and Mason both while holding onto Moore - paying a huge payroll in the process, and see what materializes as we move closer to the season. Every year, the price for the good bench/marginal starter kind of players is always lowest before the draft and highest after free agency into the first few weeks. The Nets definitely won't be buyers this year, but it is starting to look like they may be in more of a hold status than the sell one that many predicted.

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