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The Big Trade: T-Wolves Side

We are very excited to welcome: CJ McCollum, Jonas Valunciunas, Danilo Gallinari, Evan Fournier, Salah Mejri, and whatever rookie we get at #7!  Dave approached me about trying to move CJ because he couldn’t afford both CJ and the Stifle Tower.  He asked me about Avery Bradley, and I was interested.  He wanted TJ Warren too, and it was really hard to let go of TJ.  I think TJ has a bright future, but CJ is a big scorer in the league and is also point guard eligible, which is important.  This trade gave us a prime-time scorer, and enabled us to move other players.


So, we traded Paul George.  It was no secret he was being shopped at the trade deadline.  Ben and I had discussions for a while.  I was wanting Jokic, but he wouldn’t budge on that.  As a Pacer fan, the writing is on the wall for a Paul George move, and I don’t think I could bare having him on my NLL team if that happens.  So, I proactively moved him.  I was hoping to get a higher pick, but after doing some research (see the insider), I realized that if you don’t have the #1 pick, you might as well have a top 10 pick, the 2-10 picks are so close in talent, that it’s not worth trying to trade up. 


I knew that I wanted to move Tyson Chandler and Wes Matthews this offseason.  I investigated, and Wes had literally no trade value that I liked.  Tyson had a little interest, but I wasn’t getting much value in return.  I decided that packaging Paul George with these two was my best bet. 


So, here’s the total deal that we worked on for the past couple of weeks:


Timberwolves get:


CJ McCollum, Danilo Gallinari, Evan Fournier, Jonas Valunciunas, Salah Mejri, #7 pick


Philly gets:


Avery Bradley, TJ Warren

OKC Gets:


Paul George, Tyson Chandler

Orlando gets:

Wes Matthews, #29 pick



The move makes us a lot younger, even deeper than we already were, and still having a prime-time scorer.  The thing that will hurt is on defense where we were great during the regular season, but during the postseason were struggling.

Jabari Parker still needs to get healthy, but here is the projected lineup when he is healthy:

C - Jonas Valunciunas, Zaza Pachulia, Salah Mejri
PF - Jabari Parker, Neanja Bjelica, Cheick Diallo
SF - Danilo Gallinari, Evan Fournier, #7 Pick?
SG - CJ McCollum, Glenn Robinson 3, Wayne Selden
PG - Jeff Teague, Deron Williams, Ron Baker


The big intrigue now is who to pick at #7.  Read the draft notes on the Insider to see who we like, but if I could get Isaac, Tatum, or Monk at #7, I’d be very happy.  Whoever I get is just a bonus as we don’t have a NEED at any position.  This will be an exciting draft as a lot of players project to be NBA all-stars.


We have full intentions of resigning the following guys:

Zaza Pachulia

Deron Williams

Jeff Teague

Danilo Gallinari

Ron Baker

Wayne Selden (also his name is spelled wrong on the site!)


We plan on letting Terrence Jones walk unless he shows a lot of interest in resigning.  This will give us a full 15-man roster and we won’t have to deal with the frantic free agent days.  As to our late 2nd round pick.  The plan is to pick a draft and stash guy currently, maybe bring him over in a couple of years.


That’s all for now folks, more to come after the draft!

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