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Roster - Boston Celtics

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Off-season scenes

With the draft fast approaching, the Boston Celtics are again without any semblance of a draft pick and will bide their time until the off-season where some very big free agency decisions, with huge organisational ramifications, will be decided.

Free agents this off-season: Kevin Durant, Kyle Lowry, Andre Iguodala, Tyreke Evans, Dewayne Dedmon, Shelvin Mack, Patrick Patterson, Archie Goodwin, Alan Anderson

Under contract (most likely - some player and team options included): Brook Lopez, Kevin Seraphin, Leandro Barbosa, Dorian Finney-Smith, Derrick Jones Jr, Walter Tavares

So, as you can see, almost the entire roster has ended up free agents at the same time, which has the possibility to be totally devastating for the franchise. So, if we were to give you the chances they are coming back, what would the possibilities be for each?

Gone with the Wind?

Dewayne Dedmon, Shelvin Mack, Patrick Patterson, Alan Anderson

Dedmon was terrific for the Celtics, bring energy and defensive presence that was otherwise lacking on the team. Due to his break out season and the increasing salary cap, and constant demand for good big men, Dedmon will likely be playing elsewhere.

Mack’s playoff heroics, with one of the greatest clutch shots ever seen, won’t be soon forgotten by fans and highlights lovers. However, due to cap constraints, he will most likely be too rich for the Celtics and be on another team.

Patterson was a great stretch four, glue guy for the Celtics, but will also likely be squeezed out, with his role on the team not much more than a bench player.

Anderson was just waiver wire fodder and might be headed for retirement.

Return of the Jedi?

Kevin Durant, Kyle Lowry, Andre Iguodala, Tyreke Evans.

The players that really matter… and the decisions that either allow the team to keep consolidating and progressing the Celtic’s position in the NLL, or cause the team to plummet.

Kevin Durant – perennial MVP contender and reigning NBA Finals MVP is loving his surroundings and will almost definitely re-up. He will opt out of his player option and hopefully re-sign a long-term deal. Plus, the Celtics would move heaven and earth to make sure he stayed, but him choosing to re-sign makes it a lot easier.

Kyle Lowry is a bit more interesting. He has been somewhat underpaid for a few seasons now and is really looking to cash in. If the Celtics can’t get him on a reasonable deal, he may look to go elsewhere and force the Celtics to pay up extra. However, Lowry is arguably a top 6 point-guard in the NLL and if the Celtics must do everything to keep him,

Andre Iguodala – the ultimate role player, Iggy does whatever his team needs him to and provides a terrific veteran presence and outstanding defense. Due to his success in the NLL, he will most likely weigh up one last pay day vs making more runs at titles. Expect the Celtics to do all they can to convince their ultimate role player to return.

The Departed?

Tyreke Evans still teases fans and coaches alike with his potential and all-around ability. He was huge for them in the playoffs and was the second best performed Celtic. He is only 27 and is very likely to leave the Celtics, unless the Celtics drop lots of gms on him. A great starter or a super-sub, he is versatile and will be highly sought after in FA.

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