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Champs for the 2nd time

It has been a long time between drinks for the NLL Spurs. Winning the NLL title way back in 2003 was an achievement but since then it has been a roller coaster of missing playoffs, unfulfilled top seed finishes and everything in between.

First up we need to congratulate Dunadan and his Knicks for a superb season and we feel for you coming so close again. This season has been a roller coaster in itself. Lots of doubt through out the season from the GM as to whether the team was actually as good as its record suggested. In the end the Spurs did just enough to get it done. An almost collapse against the Rockets, a comeback from the dead against the Wolves and finally a lucky roll of the dice in that game 7 against the Knicks.

It wont be denied that getting Embiid healthy was a big factor in winning the title but every title run needs some lucky breaks. While he was a big help Anthony Davis was the driving force throughout the whole season and has re payed GM Leeroy's faith in spades.

The build up started way back when the Spurs took a risk by moving Wes Matthews for an injured Joel Embiid. Leeroy had the view that if Embiid could have a decent year this season then Next season (2018) would be the Spurs big run at a title, they just managed it a year early.

Without wasting any time the team took to the books to assess the cap situation and while next season was manageable, the following season looks like a disaster. With Davis, Conley, Lee and Harkless all locked into nearly 80 million and Barton, Embiid and Patrick Beverley all due new contracts, something has to give. Tyler Johnson turned into a rental as he was shipped off to Dallas for the 3oth pick in this years draft and a couple of 2nds or a player (Still to be determined). Shedding Johnsons salary is a big help in trying to keep Barton in the long run.

So the team has to now assess the draft and see how it looks, leeroy however, is never opposed to moving picks if they net something helpful.

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