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Utah Jazz A whole neeeeewww wooooorld!!!!!
Utah Jazz D-Rose finally traded to the NBA Jazz as agreed to with GM Laddas and they're releasing him?????? #fml
Atlanta Hawks Fultz unlikely to be activated this year
Indiana Pacers
Pacers making plans to "hijack" er... I mean to "keep" IT in Indiana. Sorry guys boring FA next season...
Minnesota Timberwolves Shake up coming in Minny
Sacramento Kings “It was just a matter of time before we started clicking... Now we’ve got to power home and stop pretending” - Lowry 
Memphis Grizzlies The king is dead. Lock the doors and throw away the key. RIP Papa 
San Antonio Spurs Lock and load, boys, the quest for the repeat starts...NOW!!!!
Portland Trail Blazers Let's play some Dominoes!!
Phoenix Suns Clarkson ready to be unleashed, finally!
New York Knicks All-Geriatric Team seen playing Bridge on NLL down time. Z-Bo is said to be the resident "hustler".
Miami Heat Hell yeah, we'd welcome D-Wade with open arms!!!
LA Clippers Despite plenty of interest in Air Gordon he will not be moved prior to the trade deadline
LA Lakers On the age of the glitches, the Lakers have none... Crisis in LA?
Indiana Pacers IT still feels like a max player?
Golden State Warriors We've actually been playing better, right? Sign of good things to come?
Denver Nuggets So Wade wants to go to South Beach this whole time and didn't tell the GM? Ain't going to be this easy over here, pal!
Dallas Mavericks NBA Mavs getting McBuckets? Beeen there!
Chicago Bulls Any NBA Warriors available at the deadline, guys? Who's dealing?
Charlotte Hornets "Payton for a 2nd?? This is some BS, man!!" - GM Digeze
Detroit Pistons "YOU'RE WELCOME, CLEVELAND!!!" said 24-hour interim GM Laddas of his masterpiece with the Cavs.
Boston Celtics All these trades happening in the NBA...I WANT IN!!!!!!
Brooklyn Nets The only guy that was expected to be traded in the NBA on our roster, wasn't. Larry and Omer were though...
Toronto Raptors Jae Crowder accused of playing soft on purpose in the NBA, is NLL the same way?
New Orleans Pelicans All quiet on the pelican front.....for now
Houston Rockets Deandre Liggins signs two year contract
Cleveland Cavaliers Was expected be the 1st team contacted selling picks. Just need to get some gotw's from klemm
Detroit Pistons "No he's not" 
Oklahoma City Thunder Thunder likely done dealing for the year, unless people need points...
Philadelphia 76ers Eric Gordon tempting Laddas to trade again?
Orlando Magic It was a coup d’ètat. Have you read your Julius Caesar lately?
Cleveland Cavaliers Cavs willing to try Lebron off the bench to save him for playoffs
Atlanta Hawks Let the bloodbath in Atlanta begin. GM seen asking strangers on the street if they're able to play. It's a sad sight.
Washington Wizards JaMychal Green added to the list of Wizards on the trade block.
Sacramento Kings “We’re looking forward to it man, they’re the number one offence in the league for a reason... But we got some snipers too hey.” - Jingling Joe on facing the Bulls on the road. 
Minnesota Timberwolves Boogie on the way out of Minnesota?
Utah Jazz Trade phones being worked in SLC...
Milwaukee Bucks Bucks with a slam dunk participant again.

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