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A little bird told me....

[edited by pennywise ] - send your rumor

Cleveland Cavaliers Cavs still ridding a high from wins against Utah and OKC. Ready to take on the best team in the comp in our final matchup for the week.
Phoenix Suns Phoenix turns down offer of Kawhi for Gortat and a pick.  "We already are the walking wounded over here.  We don't need another guy out for the year."
Sacramento Kings “You hate to see it and we love Mike... But it’s a brutal business and just another reason we had to move on from him. Hope for a speedy recovery” -GM Klemmelo on Conley’s season ending surgery after comments on his ability to run the franchise. 
Utah Jazz Roadhouse!
Detroit Pistons All is quiet in Michigan.
Memphis Grizzlies Police say fake grizzlies rumours can be easily recognized by their high top sneakers and incredibly
foul mouth..... Leave the funny stuff to me, whoever it is, you
Washington Wizards When polled on why Wizards are not trading much this year, all but 1 NLL GM stated that Darko's value mark ups on his players were worse than "Walmart vs Nordstrom".  - sent by rival GM.
Philadelphia 76ers VT looking for "next" glitch player?  Seen combing G-league for potential 10 day contracts.
Memphis Grizzlies With talks of Papa being sent back to the G league, Memphis brass reconsidering Sixer's Kawhi offer.
San Antonio Spurs Rihanna seen at Spurs last 4 games, but Embiid is tweeting that he's moved on and his new love is Kelly Clarkson.
Toronto Raptors The Canadian team is slowly building an all non-US team.
Portland Trail Blazers Jaylen Brown bobble head night was a success, the first 10 times...
Brooklyn Nets Wiz is quietly plotting his next move as the Nets creep closer to the 8th seed.
Indiana Pacers Pacers’ IT with a “We are canceling the apocalypse “ speech before match up against San Antonio Kaiju duo.
New York Knicks Breaking News: Geritol found on NLL's banned substance list! Half the Knicks' roster to be suspended?
Houston Rockets Rockets didn't want to take on Teague's well deserved salary
LA Clippers Youth movement still waiting to move....forward
Houston Rockets Who needs IT when you got Yo-gi
New York Knicks Achy muscles, creaky bones?  Need Geritol?  So does most of the Knicks roster.
Orlando Magic Despite his better judgement, GM Javi is attempting to NOT trade anymore this year
Philadelphia 76ers Vt trolling everyone; Kawhi not going anywhere - sent from rival GM
Sacramento Kings PaPa to star in this summers block buster “Bobinator IV: Cheat code”
Oklahoma City Thunder Smoke and rustling coming from Smaug’s lair
Philadelphia 76ers GM response to Memphis for shutting down Kawhi talks, “Well, we didn’t want Papa anyway!”
Phoenix Suns Suns rumored to have discussed moving Clarkson to 2 different teams??
Philadelphia 76ers With future of Kawhi uncertain, Lillard seen complaining about the team’s future to VT at practice
Minnesota Timberwolves GM gets fitted for mind reader blocking helmet to wear during negotiations 
Chicago Bulls Jessica Alba seen court side at Spurs/Hornets game....maybe she likes Unicorns???
LA Lakers We are in rebuild mo......scratch that WE ARE CONTENDE....ok we are rebuilding. 
Golden State Warriors It’s trade season!!
New Orleans Pelicans Pelicans ready to employ a mind reader to help with trade negotiations
Memphis Grizzlies VT’s offer of Kawhi for Big Papa quickly rejected by Grizz management. 
Charlotte Hornets Despite a 10-game win streak, Hornets completely alter their offensive/defensive structure with Turner and Ingram out this week.
Miami Heat Miami Heat fans cannot wait for debut performances from Bradley and Favors, as they set season-record jersey sales.
Indiana Pacers Sheed so excited with their win over the Sixers that he bought all his roster Fo-lexes
Cleveland Cavaliers Word on the street is that Ross is available.
Boston Celtics Yes, we like 7 footers in Bean town
Atlanta Hawks Hawks GM seen stalking Fultz to make sure he stops trying to alter his shooting mechanics.
Washington Wizards The likelihood of Robin Lopez being traded before the deadline has gone down significantly. Jamal Crawford on the other hand could very likely be traded, but he wont be moved for peanuts.
Detroit Pistons Jabari Parker "a couple of weeks away"
Unsurprisingly, vultures have been seen circling Little Caesars Arena
Sacramento Kings With recent acquisition of Lopez and Boban delegated to his familiar bench role, does this open opportunity for another move seeing Boban start for a team that needs a big man?
Phoenix Suns Marcin Gortat asks front office to be traded???
Milwaukee Bucks Skal heating up
Utah Jazz D-Rose...the missing piece of the puzzle?

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01/27 01:34 pm
it's never quiet in Michigan
01/26 11:08 am
Jesse at it again!
01/23 05:04 pm
01/23 04:23 pm
Lol! Well played Jesse.
01/23 03:53 pm
Jesse, thats gold
01/23 02:55 pm
LMAO Jesse....
01/23 01:07 pm




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