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Rumor Mill - Lead up to 17-18

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Boston Celtics New year, new team: Boston management excited and hopeful on new additions, looking forward to seeing how they gel
Utah Jazz CP3 is using swimming and boxing to stay in shape while recovering from his injury. Says he could "play tomorrow"...buuuuut he won't!
Minnesota Timberwolves Penn State loses again, the Colts stink, my Fantasy Football team is done... Time for basketball!  I can't wait for NLL to start!
Detroit Pistons For once in this league, draft picks draw barren interest
Orlando Magic
Ed Davis on block.  Sterling Brown regrets dunk that hurt Kris Dunn.
New York Knicks  Jaylen Brown on Jabari Bird: “He’s more ready than anybody. He can guard at a high level. He can play, and he will outplay a lot of people.”
Detroit Pistons Sheldon Mac's season ending injury could see him released?
Minnesota Timberwolves T-Wolves front office hopeful of a full return on everyone on the roster...This means you Jeff Teague!  
Denver Nuggets GM Rootsey shattered that he traded a 2018 1st rounder for Wade Baldwin to compound on the horrible offseason moves that he made.
Memphis Grizzlies With Exum down, is Frankie Smokes ready to take the keys ?? 
Detroit Pistons
With Simmons lining up at PG, does Pistons management regret trading Tatum on draft day?  

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  Comments (2) 
11/02 10:43 pm
I think it’s a combo of things; overvalue of pick(asking for stars for draft picks) and intensifying interest by most in league to “rebuild”. Their value is a little bloated at the moment, so it had no place to go but down.
11/02 03:14 pm
Yeah, picks are always at the cheapest between July and November, but you can't get anything for them this year.




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