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Week 20 Rumor Mill

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Toronto Raptors The baby dinosaurs looking to grow some teeth over the summer... seems like the last time they were really good was the cretaceous period
Portland Trail Blazers Blazers earn an admirable participation award for 2016-17. Brown, Nance looking to blow up next season.
Philadelphia 76ers Same, same but different. Another year of domination for the 76ers. Racking up 60 win seasons like clockwork. Can they get over the next hump though?
Dallas Mavericks Dallas Mavericks show that there's no bigger heart in the NLL than the one that resides in the GM chair
Orlando Magic Do you believe in Magic? If you do, you're another disappointed fan this season. However, don't blame it on the Boogie - 35 and 15 in Orlando.
New York Knicks Knicks primed to attack the playoffs this season with best chance to make an in the last few seasons
Milwaukee Bucks Bucks achieve more regular wins than the team's ages added together
Memphis Grizzlies Chriss ends season with 4th ROTW award. He is very honoured and Hungry!
New Orleans Pelicans Steven Dank has been employed as head of supplements for the 2017-18 season
Sacramento Kings Reggie down and out with knee soreness and Rondo nursing a sprained wrist... #FreeMarcelo
Cleveland Cavaliers Not looking forward to a matchup with the Celtics. Looking like Durant and Lowry will be back
Utah Jazz Utah Jazz has chosen speedster Center Willie Trill Cauley-Stein to run the last leg of the 2016-17 season!! Go Willie go!
Denver Nuggets Denver and Minnesota lock each other in as opponents in first round. What will Zaza do?
Chicago Bulls Bulls make it a winning season. Now to find a way to take down these eastern conference giants.
Brooklyn Nets How do you woo a playoff date? With Love and (De)Rozans.
Phoenix Suns Unfortunately for Suns fans, the clouds never really dissipated during 16-17
Golden State Warriors Super Dario blows up in the season's final quarter. Can he lead the Warriors to the playoffs?
Boston Celtics Can it be true?... Durant and Lowry both spotted standing menacingly in the shadows of the Garden's tunnels...  
Charlotte Hornets
Hornet's Front Office surprised to find so many outside spectators desperate to believe in Fairytales.  Making enquiries into launching their own Fantasy Book Series titled "Escaping Reality" to take advantage of this market.
Minnesota Timberwolves
Wolves leak trade plans in a twitter photo...Looking to trade for Saric for (GR?) 

Washington Wizards Wizards are last Eastern team to clinch playoffs. And first to clinch division title!
Atlanta Hawks  Hawks fans rumored to be cheering for neighboring Charlotte's playoff bid, only to see them mysteriously tank the last week to move up one spot in the draft
Charlotte Hornets Hornets lose sting over final few weeks and lose the eight spot in the East
New Orleans Pelicans Pelicans eliminated from playoff race, praying for a clean bill of health next season.
Oklahoma City Thunder
Thunder eyeing 2nd seed, match-up with Rose-less Jazz?
Memphis Grizzlies Suns eliminated. Grizz officially have 2 lottery picks!
Houston Rockets No Waiters. No Jefferson. One game behind. This is the last chance to make the playoffs!
Miami Heat 'It's a real renovators delight' - GM breece on the outlook of his Miami Heat
Houston Rockets Houston... we have a... playoffs??
LA Clippers Can Clippers defy the odds and actually end up with a worse record than the talent baren Portland?
Indiana Pacers Indiana GM seen with Blake Griffin purchasing fishing rods and a tin boat
Detroit Pistons As frustrating a season it's been, it's an improvement on the last 2.
LA Lakers Reports Dwyane Wade (elbow) got a really good sweat in on Sunday and has been shooting and going through non-contact drills with the hope of returning this postseason
Denver Nuggets With 2 games against the Lakers this week, Nuggets hope to hang onto the 5th seed
Boston Celtics Celtics limp to 50 wins; fourth straight season of 50 or more Ws.
Chicago Bulls Bulls desperate to find some form heading into playoffs.
Sacramento Kings Reports that Kings are purposely resting stars to face Lakers in the first round? Crucial mistake or opportunistic with Wades health in question?
San Antonio Spurs Spurs shit the bed in week 19, GM tanking to avoid Rockets?

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