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Week 18 Rumor Mill

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Utah Jazz Countdown to clinching begins.... can we hold off the Rockets?
New Orleans Pelicans Pels to change their name to Ambulances with the continual number of injured players on roster.
LA Lakers Lakers clinch playoffs.
LA Clippers Clippers have hired a nanny and a driver for their players, since most still aren't even legal drinking age.
Indiana Pacers Tobias Harris showing Sheed that Blake Griffin could be expendable!
Milwaukee Bucks Could Skal break into rotation?
San Antonio Spurs Spurs GM seen streaking in the quad, reenacting scenes from Old School.
Philadelphia 76ers VT puts team on auto pilot and goes on vacation....must be nice
Miami Heat New GM still learning about the site.  Hopefully he can find the email and submit buttons.
Charlotte Hornets GM has vowed to stay at the foot of K Por's bedside until he can suit back up.
Brooklyn Nets GM Wiz disappears for days.  Some say he's in mourning after trading Boogie away.
Memphis Grizzlies Chriss dominating the month of March in the NBA! What will his NLL raiting jump to ?
Orlando Magic Congrats to Klemm on his new bundle of joy!
Golden State Warriors Luol Deng is healthy but was shut down by the Warriors for the rest of the season !
Sacramento Kings With OKC slowing their charge towards second seed and with the Pacific division wrapped up do the Kings think about resting Melo?
Cleveland Cavaliers We would like to congratulate GM Klemm on his new arrival.
Houston Rockets Hassan Whiteside suffered hand laceration that will require 13 stitches.

New York Knicks James Harden: "I'm a hooper. I just want to hoop. I'll rest when I'm done."
Boston Celtics The corpse of the Boston Celtics clinch a fourth consecutive playoff berth; each season of the JMAC era. Can they be more than playoff fodder?
Denver Nuggets Nuggets have reset their aspirational goal this season to reach 42 wins
Sacramento Kings GM Klemmelo passes responsibilities for the week onto his assistants due to the coming arrival of his third child :D
Toronto Raptors Speculation swirling that Kris Dunn is trying to shoot his way out of Toronto
Atlanta Hawks The Hawks would try to tank with young guys, but the vets say "we got this"...
Detroit Pistons Its about finding an identity and a rhythm for next season now
Minnesota Timberwolves Man my guys are old: AVG age: 149.4 years
Cleveland Cavaliers Cavs are expecting allot more rests between now and end of the season. I think this may have a bearing on who wins the East.
Sacramento Kings
Kings GM calls out Reggie over the weekend bluntly stating "He needs to be more aggressive... He needs to do more."
Washington Wizards GM Darko says best case scenario for Wizards would be to end season with 40 wins.
Chicago Bulls Bulls want to get to 41 Wins.  Only 4 more to go
Phoenix Suns Suns GM seen hanging out near bridges

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