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Player Ratings

This is a short overview over how Player-Ratings for are determined. They can be divided into two groups.

  1. Derived Ratings / Tendencies : These are ratings that are directly derived from the statistics players put up in the NBA, based on the listed categories.

    • SShtIns / Inside Shooting : 2-pt FGM at the rim per game, 2-pt FGM at the rim per minute, 2-pt FG% at the rim
    • SShtCls / Close Shooting : 2-pt FGM away from the rim per game, 2-pt FGM away from the rim per minute, 2-pt FG% away from the rim
    • SShtMed / Midrange shooting : 2-pt FGM away from the rim per game, 2-pt FGM away from the rim per minute, 2-pt FG% away from the rim
    • SSht3PT / 3pt shooting : 3PMs per game, 3PMs per minute, 3FG%
    • SShtFT / Freethrow Shooting : FTs per game, FTs per minute, FT%
    • SDunk / Dunk : Dunks per game, Dunks per minute, Dunk FG%
    • SLayup / Layup : Layups per game, Layups per minute, Layups FG%
    • SSteal / Stealing : Steals per game, Steals per minute
    • SBlock / Blocking : Blocks per game, Blocks per minute
    • SOReb / Offensive rebounding : ORebs per game, ORebs per minute
    • SDReb / Defensive rebounding: DRebs per game, DRebs per minute
    • SPass / Passing : Assists per game, Assists per minute
    • SStamina / Stamina : Minutes per game
    • TShtTend / Shooting - Shot Tendency : FGA + FTA per game, FGA + FTA per minute
    • TInsShot / Shooting - Inside Shots : FGA at rim per game, FGA at rim per minute, FGA at rim / FGA total
    • TCloseSht / Shooting - Close Shots : FGA up to 10 ft per game, FGA up to 10 ft per minute, FGA up to 10 ft / FGA total
    • TMidShots / Shooting - Mid-Range Shots : FGA 11 to 23 ft per game, FGA 11 to 23 ft per minute, FGA 11 to 23 ft/ FGA total
    • T3PTShots / Shooting - 3-Point Shots : 3PA per game, 3PA per minute, 3PA / FGA total
    • TDunkvLU / Dunk vs Layup frequency : (High dunk, low layup) Dunk FGA / (Dunk FGA + Layup FGA)
    • TDrawFoul / Commit Fouls: Fouls drawn per game / fouls drawn per minute
    • TCommFoul / Commit Fouls: Fouls per minute

    : Above ratings are based on the last and current NBA season. At the start of the NLL season (December) there is not enough data available to use the current season only. So the last season is taken into account also. With each update the data from last year will be given less and less weight until it is taken out completly.

    Initial patch: Last NBA Season + Current NBA Season
    Week 5 update: Last NBA Season*0.75 + Current NBA Season
    Week 10 update: Last NBA Season*0.50 + Current NBA Season
    Week 15 update: Last NBA Season*0.25 + Current NBA Season
    Week 20 update: Current NBA Season only

    Players need to have at least 15 games to qualify for derived ratings. Otherwise all of their ratings are taken from the outside source. This mostly happens for rookies, free-agents and long-term injured players.

    All players are first ranked per position in each of the above categories. The ranks are then summed up for each of the ratings and those total ranks are transformed into the rating ranges.

    The transformation is again done by position. The ranges used for each rating are taken from the 2k original patch, but extreme outliers are removed.

    The exact parameters for the transformation are determined at the beginning of the season, so that mean, median and variance correlate as much as possible with the original ratings. Those parameter will stay the same for the rest of the season.

  2. Qualitative Ratings : All remaining ratings are taken from an independent outside source.

Note : Ratings for players not (yet) included in the outside source will be determined by the league.




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