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Dirk Nowitzki · #41

Height 7-0 Positions PF/PF (45)
Weight 245 lbs Drafted 1998: 1st Rnd, 9th by Mil
Experience 19 Loyalty A
Birth Date 06/19/78 Salary 2017/18: $ 37,500,000
Injury Status Healthy Years Signed 0


Chi 11 11 31.4 6.5 13.3 0.49 1.6 4.4 0.38 3.4 3.6 0.93 8.6 2.0 1.2 0.9 0.7 3.0 17.9 4.3

Chi 9 23.7 5.1 1.2 0.4 1.8 1

2k17 Skills

standing_layup 91
driving_layup 74
post_fadeaway 97
post_hook 70
post_control 88
draw_foul 54
shot_close 94
contested_mid_range 80
open_mid_range 84
off_dribble_mid_range 80
contested_three 80
open_three 82
off_dribble_three 70
free_throw 88
ball_control 58
passing_vision 41
passing_iq 67
passing_accuracy 55
boxout 72
offensive_rebound 34
defensive_rebound 90
lateral_quickness 40
pass_perception 68
block 63
shot_contest 67
steal 58
defensive_consistency 55
on_ball_d_iq 67
pick_and_roll_iq 66
help_d_iq 65
low_post_defense_iq 68
standing_dunk 50
driving_dunk 40
contact_dunk 30
speed 44
speed_with_ball 33
acceleration 35
vertical 40
strength 69
stamina 80
hustle 60
shot_iq 92
hands 80
reaction_time 68
offensive_consistency 80
intagibles 60
potential 99
head_durability 84
neck_durability 84
back_durability 85
left_shoulder_durability 79
right_shoulder_durability 79
left_elbow_durability 85
right_elbow_durability 84
left_hip_durability 85
right_hip_durability 84
left_knee_durability 79
right_knee_durability 72
left_ankle_durability 75
right_ankle_durability 75
left_foot_durability 82
right_foot_durability 84
misc_durability 80

* calculated ability

2k17 Tendencies

shot 78
standing_layup 15
driving_layup 10
standing_dunk 65
driving_dunk 80
flashy_dunk 0
alley_oop 5
putback 25
crash 20
spin_layup 0
hop_step_layup 0
euro_step_layup 0
floater 65
step_through_shot 0
shot_under_basket 92
shot_close 25
shot_close_left 1
shot_close_middle 1
shot_close_right 1
shot_mid_range 75
shot_mid_range_left 2
shot_mid_range_left_center 2
shot_mid_range_center 3
shot_mid_range_right_center 1
shot_mid_range_right 1
shot_three 35
shot_three_left 2
shot_three_left_center 3
shot_three_center 15
shot_three_right_center 4
shot_three_right 1
contested_jumper 56
stepback_jumper 25
spin_jumper 45
pull_up_in_transition 35
use_glass 45
drive 55
drive_right 75
triple_threat_pump_fake 5
triple_threat_jab_step 5
triple_threat_idle 50
triple_threat_shoot 0
setup_with_sizeup 0
setup_with_hesitation 5
no_setup_dribble 0
driving_crossover 0
driving_spin 5
driving_stepback 0
driving_half_spin 0
driving_double_crossover 0
driving_behind_the_back 0
driving_dribble_hesitation 0
driving_in_and_out 0
no_driving_dribble_move 99
attack_strong_on_drive 45
dish_to_open_man 35
touches 88
post_up 35
roll_vs_pop 20
post_shimmy_shot 15
post_face_up 50
post_back_down 35
post_aggressive_backdown 5
shoot_from_post 90
post_hook_left 10
post_hook_right 0
post_fade_left 90
post_fade_right 73
post_up_and_under 40
post_hop_shot 25
post_step_back_shot 25
post_drive 50
post_spin 10
post_drop_step 5
post_hop_step 20
flashy_pass 15
alley_oop_pass 0
pass_interception 36
take_charge 58
on_ball_steal 48
contest_shot 60
block_shot 38
foul 57
hard_foul 20

* calculated ability


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2017/06/25 Chicago declines its team-option for Dirk Nowitzki.
2017/02/21 The Charlotte Hornets send Dirk Nowitzki and Bruno Caboclo to the Chicago Bulls. The Chicago Bulls send Evan Turner and Trevor Booker to the Charlotte Hornets.
The Chicago Bulls send a 2nd-Rounder (Hou) to the Charlotte Hornets.

2016/11/05 Dirk Nowitzki signs with the Charlotte Hornets for $ 25000000 and 1 year.
2016/11/05 Dirk Nowitzki commits to the Charlotte Hornets for 1 year and $ 25,000,000.
2016/11/05 The Dallas Mavericks renounce Dirk Nowitzki.
2016/06/21 Dirk Nowitzki declines his player-option with Dallas.
2016/01/06 The Dallas Mavericks send Allen Crabbe and Trey Lyles to the San Antonio Spurs. The Dallas Mavericks send Zach Randolph and Alan Anderson to the Toronto Raptors. The Orlando Magic send R.J. Hunter to the Dallas Mavericks. The San Antonio Spurs send Louis Williams to the Dallas Mavericks. The San Antonio Spurs send Archie Goodwin to the Orlando Magic. The Toronto Raptors send Dirk Nowitzki and Shabazz Muhammad to the Dallas Mavericks.
The Dallas Mavericks send a 1st-Rounder (Dal) to the Orlando Magic. The Dallas Mavericks send a 1st-Rounder (Utah) to the San Antonio Spurs. The Orlando Magic send a 2nd-Rounder (SA) to the Dallas Mavericks. The San Antonio Spurs send a 2nd-Rounder (Orl) to the Dallas Mavericks.

The Dallas Mavericks trade -3 GM points.The Orlando Magic receive 3 GM points.
2014/12/27 The LA Clippers send Dirk Nowitzki to the Toronto Raptors. The Toronto Raptors send Kevin Garnett to the LA Clippers.

2014/11/10 Dirk Nowitzki signs with the LA Clippers for 2 years and $ 7,974,482.
2014/10/29 Dirk Nowitzki decides to opt for free-agency.
2013/11/28 The Chicago Bulls send John Salmons, Andrea Bargnani, Alec Burks and Jimmy Butler to the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Oklahoma City Thunder send Dirk Nowitzki and Willie Green to the Chicago Bulls.

2012/12/28 The Milwaukee Bucks send Dirk Nowitzki to the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Oklahoma City Thunder send Stephen Jackson and Jose Calderon to the Milwaukee Bucks.

2011/12/26 The Milwaukee Bucks send Al Harrington, Al Horford, Rodrigue Beaubois and Elliot Williams to the San Antonio Spurs. The San Antonio Spurs send Dirk Nowitzki to the Milwaukee Bucks.

2010/10/28 Dirk Nowitzki re-signs with the San Antonio Spurs for $ 17278618 and 4 years.
2010/06/29 Dirk Nowitzki declines his player-option with San Antonio.
2010/02/04 The Dallas Mavericks send Dirk Nowitzki and Randolph Morris to the San Antonio Spurs. The San Antonio Spurs send Tony Parker and Anderson Varejao to the Dallas Mavericks.
The San Antonio Spurs send a 2nd-Rounder (SA) to the Dallas Mavericks.
2008/10/30 Dirk Nowitzki re-signs with the Dallas Mavericks for $ 18077904 and 2 years.
2006/11/19 Dirk Nowitzki exercises his player-option with Dallas.
2006/11/04 Dirk Nowitzki re-signs with the Dallas Mavericks for $ 15101626 and 1 year.

Scouting report
+ Face-up 7-footer with one of the most accurate and unblockable jump shots in the league.
+ Becoming more perimeter-oriented, but shoots, protects the ball so well.
+ Solid team defender provided he isn't matched with top one-on-one scorers.

Nowitzki was limited to 53 games last season because of knee surgery and didn't start a game until Jan. 5. Nowitzki struggled upon returning and in 23 games leading up to the All-Star break, he averaged just 15.2 points on a .518 true shooting percentage. As he rounded into shape, a semblance of his old self returned, with his average jumping to 18.9 after the break and his true shooting percentage to .597.

Still, Nowitzki posted his lowest winning percentage since that non-playoff season and his WARP total was his lowest since his replacement-level rookie season. At 35, it's almost a given that Nowitzki is not going to bounce back to his MVP level of a few years ago. An All-Star level? That's a possibility given how much of his game is skill-based. His length and high-release point aren't going away, either, and he should remain a dangerous perimeter option as long as he chooses to keep playing.

But whether it was a residual from the knee trouble or an evolution in his game, Nowitzki was more perimeter-oriented than ever in 2012-13, and finished with a career-low foul-drawing rate. He did shoot over 41 percent from deep, and remained as effective as ever from the field inside the arc, so despite the decline in free throws, his true shooting percentage remained well over the league average and, as noted, was back to elite by season's end. We might have seen a glimpse of Nowitzki's future, where he values efficiency over volume and doesn't try to force the action. His usage rate was down five percent, but his turnover rate was one of the best in his career. That suggests a Nowitzki who is happy to share the load if he can't get open and maintains his standing as one of the best ball-protectors in the league.

Nowitzki's defensive metrics over the past couple of years have been outstanding. Using league averages as a baseline, his per-play score from Synergy Sports suggest that he has saved 63 points above average over the past two seasons, ranking in the 93rd percentile of the league. His length makes him tough to shoot over, and also makes up for some of his diminished foot movement.

He's entering the last year of his contract, which will technically put Nowitzki on the open market next July, it's impossible to imagine Nowitzki in another team's uniform.




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