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Trey Burke · #3

Height 6-1 Positions PG/SG (1)
Weight 185 lbs Drafted 2013: 1st Rnd, 6th by Was
Experience 4 Loyalty F
Birth Date 11/02/92 Salary 2017/18: $ 4,588,839
Injury Status Healthy Years Signed 0


Mia 10 0 16.3 4.0 8.8 0.45 1.9 5.2 0.37 1.3 1.6 0.81 1.1 2.0 0.7 0.0 0.6 0.7 11.2 0.7

Mia 8 16.4 2.3 1.0 0.8 2.0 0

2k17 Skills

standing_layup 75
driving_layup 74
post_fadeaway 45
post_hook 28
post_control 35
draw_foul 50
shot_close 87
contested_mid_range 80
open_mid_range 85
off_dribble_mid_range 82
contested_three 81
open_three 85
off_dribble_three 53
free_throw 76
ball_control 79
passing_vision 70
passing_iq 84
passing_accuracy 80
boxout 41
offensive_rebound 30
defensive_rebound 40
lateral_quickness 68
pass_perception 60
block 40
shot_contest 72
steal 56
defensive_consistency 35
on_ball_d_iq 63
pick_and_roll_iq 62
help_d_iq 54
low_post_defense_iq 48
standing_dunk 25
driving_dunk 30
contact_dunk 26
speed 83
speed_with_ball 85
acceleration 86
vertical 70
strength 41
stamina 80
hustle 60
shot_iq 70
hands 70
reaction_time 72
offensive_consistency 45
intagibles 70
potential 73
head_durability 82
neck_durability 80
back_durability 82
left_shoulder_durability 81
right_shoulder_durability 83
left_elbow_durability 80
right_elbow_durability 82
left_hip_durability 82
right_hip_durability 81
left_knee_durability 83
right_knee_durability 80
left_ankle_durability 80
right_ankle_durability 81
left_foot_durability 80
right_foot_durability 80
misc_durability 77

* calculated ability

2k17 Tendencies

shot 55
standing_layup 30
driving_layup 65
standing_dunk 40
driving_dunk 40
flashy_dunk 0
alley_oop 0
putback 5
crash 57
spin_layup 30
hop_step_layup 35
euro_step_layup 30
floater 55
step_through_shot 0
shot_under_basket 3
shot_close 30
shot_close_left 6
shot_close_middle 8
shot_close_right 3
shot_mid_range 45
shot_mid_range_left 3
shot_mid_range_left_center 3
shot_mid_range_center 4
shot_mid_range_right_center 3
shot_mid_range_right 2
shot_three 30
shot_three_left 4
shot_three_left_center 14
shot_three_center 18
shot_three_right_center 12
shot_three_right 9
contested_jumper 30
stepback_jumper 0
spin_jumper 25
pull_up_in_transition 8
use_glass 25
drive 75
drive_right 75
triple_threat_pump_fake 5
triple_threat_jab_step 5
triple_threat_idle 50
triple_threat_shoot 0
setup_with_sizeup 15
setup_with_hesitation 20
no_setup_dribble 20
driving_crossover 20
driving_spin 40
driving_stepback 60
driving_half_spin 25
driving_double_crossover 40
driving_behind_the_back 45
driving_dribble_hesitation 65
driving_in_and_out 50
no_driving_dribble_move 90
attack_strong_on_drive 30
dish_to_open_man 65
touches 55
post_up 0
roll_vs_pop 0
post_shimmy_shot 0
post_face_up 0
post_back_down 0
post_aggressive_backdown 0
shoot_from_post 10
post_hook_left 0
post_hook_right 0
post_fade_left 0
post_fade_right 0
post_up_and_under 0
post_hop_shot 20
post_step_back_shot 0
post_drive 0
post_spin 0
post_drop_step 0
post_hop_step 0
flashy_pass 45
alley_oop_pass 35
pass_interception 37
take_charge 69
on_ball_steal 25
contest_shot 56
block_shot 15
foul 53
hard_foul 68

* calculated ability


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2017/01/02 The Miami Heat send Joakim Noah to the Phoenix Suns. The Miami Heat send Nene Hilario and Rajon Rondo to the Washington Wizards. The Phoenix Suns send Monta Ellis, Alan Anderson and P.J. Tucker to the Miami Heat. The Phoenix Suns send C.J. Wilcox to the Washington Wizards. The Washington Wizards send Marcus Morris and Trey Burke to the Miami Heat. The Washington Wizards send John Lucas and Nick Young to the Phoenix Suns.

The Phoenix Suns trade -3 GM points.The Washington Wizards receive 3 GM points.
2016/01/14 The New Orleans Pelicans send Trey Burke to the Washington Wizards. The Washington Wizards send Jared Sullinger to the New Orleans Pelicans.

2015/10/18 New Orleans exercises its team-option for Trey Burke.
2015/03/18 The Detroit Pistons send Jonas Jerebko and Landry Fields to the New Orleans Pelicans. The Detroit Pistons send Tyler Ennis to the Oklahoma City Thunder. The New Orleans Pelicans send Victor Claver, Eric Bledsoe and Malcolm Thomas to the Detroit Pistons. The Oklahoma City Thunder send Trey Burke to the New Orleans Pelicans.
The Detroit Pistons send a 1st-Rounder (Det) to the New Orleans Pelicans. The Oklahoma City Thunder send a 2nd-Rounder (Dal) and 2nd-Rounder (Pho) to the Detroit Pistons.

The Detroit Pistons receive 6 GM points. The New Orleans Pelicans trade -6 GM points.
2015/01/12 The Detroit Pistons send Jonas Valanciunas, Anthony Bennett and Trey Burke to the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Oklahoma City Thunder send Al Horford, Isaiah Canaan and Hollis Thompson to the Detroit Pistons.

The Detroit Pistons trade -14 GM points.The Oklahoma City Thunder receive 14 GM points.
2014/10/25 Detroit exercises its team-option for Trey Burke.
2014/06/24 The Charlotte Bobcats send Trey Burke to the Detroit Pistons. The Detroit Pistons send Sergey Karasev to the Charlotte Bobcats.
The Detroit Pistons send a 2nd-Rounder (Tor) to the Charlotte Bobcats.

2014/02/20 The Charlotte Bobcats send Kemba Walker to the Orlando Magic. The Orlando Magic send Trey Burke to the Charlotte Bobcats.
The Orlando Magic send a 1st-Rounder (Bkn) to the Charlotte Bobcats.

2013/10/31 The Orlando Magic send Brandon Jennings to the Washington Wizards. The Washington Wizards send Luke Ridnour and Trey Burke to the Orlando Magic.

The Orlando Magic receive 20 GM points. The Washington Wizards trade -20 GM points.
2013/10/31 The Washington Wizards sign draft-pick Trey Burke for 2438760 and 2 years.

Ranked as a borderline top-100 high school prospect by recruiting services just a year ago, few could have projected Trey Burke developing into one of the best freshmen point guards in college basketball, splitting Big Ten freshman of the year awards with Indiana's Cody Zeller, and being named to the All-Big Ten Second Team. After a disappointing first round NCAA tournament exit at the hands of the Ohio Bobcats, Burke was already out the door last spring according to all accounts. He reportedly made up his mind to leave Michigan for the uncertainty of the 2012 NBA draft, where he was considered a possible first rounder in a shallow class for point guards. Burke ended up changing his mind a few days later after heavy pressure from his parents, coaches and Michigan fans, and now returns as one of the faces of college basketball and the leader of a team ranked in the top-10 of most preseason rankings. Measured at 6-0 in shoes at the Lebron James Academy this summer, Burke has average size for a NBA point guard. His 6-5 wingspan will help him a lot in overcoming that, though, as will his excellent athletic ability and aggressive mentality. As the primary ball-handler of the slowest tempo team in the Big Ten conference, with no real post presence and very few creators besides him, Burke is by nature a very ball-dominant point guard. A huge amount of his offensive possessions (nearly half) come in pick and roll situations, where he is pretty effective. Extremely fast in the open floor, Burke is an excellent ball-handler, capable of playing at different speeds and showing a terrific burst blowing by opponents en-route to the rim. He does a good job of keeping his dribble alive and weaving his way around traffic, which allows him to draw the defense and find open shooters spotting up on the wing or cutters diving to the basket. While much more of a scorer than a pure playmaker at this stage, Burke is capable of creating for others as well, doing a good job reading the floor and anticipating teammates getting open. He makes smart passes ahead in transition, and is very effective in particular on the drive and dish. Burke's best weapon offensively revolves around his jump-shot, as he has very good shooting mechanics, and is equally effective spotting up with his feet set as he is pulling up off the dribble. He in fact took almost twice as many jumpers off the dribble last season as he did with his feet set, but made both at nearly the same rate (38-39%). The thing that hurts Burkes' offensive efficiency the most is his propensity for losing patience and falling in love with the pull-up 3-point jumper, something he does on a couple of occasions per game, sometimes before any of his teammates get a chance to touch the ball. Nearly half of his field goal attempts come from beyond the arc, and he makes 35% of them. Pull-up jumpers from 3-point range aren't a particularly high percentage shot for anyone, but he takes plenty of them every game, sometimes by necessity. Now that he will have more help around him this season (Michigan's incoming recruiting class is very strong), it will be interesting to see how well Burke can utilize the new different options he has at his disposal, and whether he can improve his fairly paltry 0.73 Pure Point Rating. The place Burke's size seems to affect him the most is as a finisher around the basket, where he makes just 50% of his attempts, and gets to the free throw line 4.4 times per-40 minutes, both average rates. While a pretty solid leaper for his size, Burke tends to struggles finishing in traffic against better competition. This could be an even more pronounced issue in the NBA, where everyone is taller, stronger, longer and more athletic, especially the big men. Getting stronger could help here, as could developing a better in-between game inside the lane to finish over the top of taller defenders. The area where Burke might be scrutinized the most heavily this upcoming season by NBA talent evaluators is on the defensive end. Already projected to give up a couple of inches in most NBA matchups, Burke isn't the toughest or most attentive defender you'll find, not doing a great job keeping his man in front of him, and sometimes looking like he's only going half-speed on this end of the floor. While he has the length and quickness to be relatively effective here, and will show that in small doses from time to time when really called upon, he doesn't really put as much pride into his work on this end of the court as he does offensively. Still very young, and shouldering an inordinately large share of responsibility as his team's primary ball-handler, facilitator and scorer, Burke looked pretty wore down by the end of last season. He has plenty of time to improve defensively, something that NBA teams would likely want to see considering the concerns that already exist due to his below average size. There aren't a huge number of 6-0 point guards in the NBA right now, but the ones that are are similar to Burke-- extremely fast, excellent ball-handlers, and prolific scorers who can shoot with range, play the pick and roll and show great poise, confidence and toughness. There will surely be adjustments that he'll need to make to playing in the NBA, particularly if asked to start off in a backup role, but Burke looks to have the talent to do so. Coming off an unexpectedly strong freshman campaign, NBA teams will be watching closely all season to see how Burke follows up as a sophomore and whether he's able to take his game, and his team, to the next level. From




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