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Jameer Nelson · #1

Height 6-0 Positions PG/PG (1)
Weight 190 lbs Drafted 2004: 1st Rnd, 20th by Atl
Experience 13 Loyalty C
Birth Date 02/02/82 Salary 2017/18: $ 6,810,786
Injury Status Healthy Years Signed 0


Chi 11 0 14.5 1.6 4.5 0.36 0.8 2.5 0.33 0.7 1.2 0.62 0.9 2.8 0.5 0.0 0.7 0.6 4.8 1.9

Chi 9 12.7 1.1 0.0 0.3 0.3 0

2k17 Skills

standing_layup 86
driving_layup 78
post_fadeaway 46
post_hook 25
post_control 27
draw_foul 40
shot_close 85
contested_mid_range 81
open_mid_range 81
off_dribble_mid_range 80
contested_three 74
open_three 83
off_dribble_three 80
free_throw 71
ball_control 77
passing_vision 73
passing_iq 87
passing_accuracy 84
boxout 43
offensive_rebound 32
defensive_rebound 47
lateral_quickness 72
pass_perception 54
block 32
shot_contest 66
steal 60
defensive_consistency 40
on_ball_d_iq 72
pick_and_roll_iq 70
help_d_iq 63
low_post_defense_iq 33
standing_dunk 25
driving_dunk 25
contact_dunk 25
speed 76
speed_with_ball 75
acceleration 72
vertical 69
strength 60
stamina 94
hustle 73
shot_iq 78
hands 72
reaction_time 66
offensive_consistency 50
intagibles 76
potential 74
head_durability 70
neck_durability 78
back_durability 79
left_shoulder_durability 79
right_shoulder_durability 70
left_elbow_durability 82
right_elbow_durability 81
left_hip_durability 78
right_hip_durability 78
left_knee_durability 72
right_knee_durability 74
left_ankle_durability 75
right_ankle_durability 74
left_foot_durability 74
right_foot_durability 72
misc_durability 70

* calculated ability

2k17 Tendencies

shot 50
standing_layup 30
driving_layup 65
standing_dunk 40
driving_dunk 40
flashy_dunk 0
alley_oop 0
putback 5
crash 25
spin_layup 0
hop_step_layup 0
euro_step_layup 0
floater 65
step_through_shot 0
shot_under_basket 0
shot_close 30
shot_close_left 2
shot_close_middle 3
shot_close_right 2
shot_mid_range 40
shot_mid_range_left 3
shot_mid_range_left_center 5
shot_mid_range_center 9
shot_mid_range_right_center 5
shot_mid_range_right 1
shot_three 60
shot_three_left 4
shot_three_left_center 7
shot_three_center 8
shot_three_right_center 6
shot_three_right 1
contested_jumper 40
stepback_jumper 15
spin_jumper 10
pull_up_in_transition 13
use_glass 15
drive 75
drive_right 75
triple_threat_pump_fake 5
triple_threat_jab_step 75
triple_threat_idle 25
triple_threat_shoot 0
setup_with_sizeup 0
setup_with_hesitation 15
no_setup_dribble 25
driving_crossover 40
driving_spin 25
driving_stepback 30
driving_half_spin 5
driving_double_crossover 20
driving_behind_the_back 15
driving_dribble_hesitation 40
driving_in_and_out 15
no_driving_dribble_move 99
attack_strong_on_drive 40
dish_to_open_man 75
touches 52
post_up 0
roll_vs_pop 0
post_shimmy_shot 0
post_face_up 0
post_back_down 0
post_aggressive_backdown 0
shoot_from_post 10
post_hook_left 0
post_hook_right 3
post_fade_left 41
post_fade_right 25
post_up_and_under 0
post_hop_shot 20
post_step_back_shot 0
post_drive 0
post_spin 0
post_drop_step 0
post_hop_step 0
flashy_pass 35
alley_oop_pass 50
pass_interception 45
take_charge 60
on_ball_steal 49
contest_shot 45
block_shot 10
foul 65
hard_foul 25

* calculated ability


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2017/06/24 The Chicago Bulls send Meyers Leonard to the Phoenix Suns. The Chicago Bulls send Jamal Crawford to the Washington Wizards. The Phoenix Suns send Joakim Noah to the Chicago Bulls. The Washington Wizards send Jameer Nelson to the Chicago Bulls. The Washington Wizards send Jodie Meeks to the Phoenix Suns.

The Chicago Bulls trade -4 GM points.The Washington Wizards receive 4 GM points.
2016/01/29 The Detroit Pistons send Spencer Hawes to the Washington Wizards. The New York Knicks send Jameer Nelson to the Washington Wizards. The Washington Wizards send Joe Ingles to the Detroit Pistons. The Washington Wizards send J.J. Hickson to the New York Knicks.
The New York Knicks send a 2nd-Rounder (NY) and 2nd-Rounder (NY) to the Detroit Pistons.

2016/01/01 The New York Knicks send Maurice Harkless to the San Antonio Spurs. The New York Knicks send Tony Wroten and Jae Crowder to the Toronto Raptors. The San Antonio Spurs send Jameer Nelson to the New York Knicks. The Toronto Raptors send Mario Chalmers, Donatas Motiejunas and Kyle Anderson to the New York Knicks.

The New York Knicks trade -8 GM points.The Toronto Raptors receive 8 GM points.
2015/10/30 Jameer Nelson signs with the San Antonio Spurs for $ 4345000 and 3 years.
2015/06/30 Jameer Nelson declines his player-option with San Antonio.
2015/01/30 The Brooklyn Nets send CJ Watson to the LA Clippers. The Brooklyn Nets send P.J. Tucker to the San Antonio Spurs. The LA Clippers send Luc Mbah a Moute to the Brooklyn Nets. The LA Clippers send Jameer Nelson to the San Antonio Spurs. The San Antonio Spurs send Mike Scott to the Brooklyn Nets. The San Antonio Spurs send Andre Roberson to the LA Clippers.
The San Antonio Spurs send a 1st-Rounder (Sac) to the LA Clippers.

2014/11/13 Jameer Nelson signs with the LA Clippers for 1 year and $ 2,750,000.
2014/10/29 Jameer Nelson decides to opt for free-agency.
2014/06/30 Minnesota declines its team-option for Jameer Nelson.
2013/12/31 The Chicago Bulls send Jameer Nelson, Ian Mahinmi, Harrison Barnes and Anthony Bennett to the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Minnesota Timberwolves send Rudy Gay, Jimmer Fredette and Allen Crabbe to the Chicago Bulls.

2013/10/31 The LA Lakers send Jameer Nelson to the Chicago Bulls.

2013/10/31 Jameer Nelson signs with the LA Lakers for $ 8600000 and 1 year.
2011/12/31 The LA Lakers send Richard Jefferson to the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Memphis Grizzlies send Jameer Nelson to the LA Lakers. The Memphis Grizzlies send Brendan Haywood to the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Oklahoma City Thunder send Matt Barnes to the LA Lakers. The Oklahoma City Thunder send Ben Gordon to the Memphis Grizzlies.
The LA Lakers send a 2nd-Rounder (LAL) to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

2008/11/01 Jameer Nelson re-signs with the Memphis Grizzlies for $ 5555555 and 5 years.
2006/07/06 The Memphis Grizzlies send Mike Miller to the Miami Heat. The Miami Heat send Jameer Nelson to the Memphis Grizzlies.
2005/11/06 The Atlanta Hawks send Elton Brand, Dan Dickau and Jameer Nelson to the Miami Heat. The Miami Heat send Cuttino Mobley, Raef LaFrentz and T.J. Ford to the Atlanta Hawks.
The Atlanta Hawks send a 1st-Rounder (Atl) to the Miami Heat.
2005/11/02 Vladimir Radmanovic re-signs with the Miami Heat for $ 2300984 and 1 year.
2004/11/02 The Atlanta Hawks sign draft-pick Jameer Nelson for $ 1,106,160 and 4 years.

Scouting report
+ Stocky score-first point guard with good jump shot and recent history of nagging leg injuries.
+ Good shooter off the dribble and at the line. Steady floor general with average vision.
+ Solid defender. Problematic length. Waning quickness and speed. Good rebounder for size.

The thirties haven't treated Jameer Nelson very kindly. After turning 30 this past season, Nelson dealt with knee and ankle issues throughout the campaign and the troubles dragged his efficiency numbers to career lows. His jump shot abandoned him at times and once that happens, it's hard to see how the vertically-challenged (by NLL standards) Nelson can pull his weight.

Once a candidate of the 50-40-90 shooting club, Nelson shot just 39.2 percent from the floor, marking the fifth season in a row that his field goal percentage has gotten worse. He was horrible in the midrange, where he shot just 32.2 percent on long 2s and 26.3 percent on shots within 10 to 16 feet. Since he ranked second-to-last among regular point guards in free throw rate, he needed to compensate with amazing efficiency at the rim and downtown. Instead, he ranked just about average in both areas.

Nelson fired up for more 3-pointers than he ever has in his career, and his efficiency tumbled as a result. He launched 6.5 3s every 36 minutes last season, but his 3-point percentage was only 34.1 percent, down from his previous career mark of 38.8 percent. In his prime, Nelson was as talented as they come pulling up for jumpers, but that's not the case anymore. Elsewhere, Nelson put up more assists than he ever has. Defensively, Nelson makes up for his lack of size by getting into the passing lanes and attacking the defensive boards. His steal rate jumped back up to normal levels after a down year in 2011-12, but he still only tallied five more blocks than you did last season. Nelson used to be your standard league-average point guard, but it's hard to rank him above 20 players at his position these days.




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