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Dwight Howard

PER 27.82

MVP 32.82

Because he had an epic week and is having a terrific bounce-back season. D12 mowed down all of his opponents in week 12 going for almost 30 points and 15 rebounds a game, 67% FG and epic defensive statistics. His season averages are obviously not as explosive, but are still extremely good.Does he help or harm this team? It's hard to fathom that a team with arguably two of the top 5 guards in the league is having a mediocre season (for their standards). Dwight has been likened to a 'team chemistry cancer' on past teams... is it just gossip or a real factor?

29.8 PTS

14.3 REB

0.3 AST

1.5 STL

1.5 BLK

Ben Simmons

PER 31.46

MVP 34.76

The Laddas love child himself, aka Ben Simmons, had himself a gay ol' time in week 12. Although he only played three games (???), Simmons poured in almost ten points per game more during the week compared to the regular season numbers. He was up across the board, including efficiency, in what is arguably the week of the year for him. The sky is the limit. The Pistons continue to lose and lose often, and you have to take great statistics on bad teams with a grain of salt.

31.7 PTS

6.7 REB

10.0 AST

1.0 STL

1.0 BLK

Kristaps Porzingis

PER 30.16

MVP 37.66

He could be one of the top few scorers in the entire league, as he has poured in a fraction under 30 points a game for over half the season. He is staggeringly efficient and does everything well. Really well. The Charlotte Hoarders are looking like a force ahead of time this season and no one will want to have to face the Zinger in the playoffs. Ugh, I meant Hornets.Because if I was 7 foot 3 and agile I'd be really good, too? No real reason why he shouldn't be in the driver's seat, he is that good.

30.5 PTS

8.8 REB

2.3 AST

2.5 STL

1.3 BLK

Jonas Valanciunas

PER 30.12

MVP 38.12

Because the biggest Jonas Brother of them all pulled down 17 rebounds a game in week 12 and has been an MVP candidate all season (more so in the first quarter of the year, but he got a lot of runs on the board in that time). He is the main reason the Magic have been able to bounce back from that flat period of form just after the first big settings update.He's just another big, standing in front of the league, chewing on rebounds and high percentage looks. In all honestly, he does deserve a look. The Magic have been able to consolidate and are looking to be almost-locks for playoffs in the wild, wild east.

22.6 PTS

17.0 REB

1.2 AST

1.2 STL

0.8 BLK

Karl-Anthony Towns

PER 28.36

MVP 38.36

Notice a trend at all? Arguably, Karl-Anthony Towns is the most talented big on this entire list (in a battle with the Unicorn), so it's no surprise, and totally warranted, that he is up for player of the week honours. The Bucks are genuinely the poster boy for how to kill it running a franchise and Towns isn't even their best player, although he is arguably their most important. Best player on best team means something! It doesn't count because the Bucks are like, real good? He was a destroyer of world in week 12 and he deserves the honours this week as much as anyone.

24.7 PTS

16.7 REB

1.0 AST

1.0 STL

1.7 BLK

DeMarcus Cousins

PER 28.34

MVP 33.34

Arguably the most intense player on this list, Boogie Cousins plays every game like it is his last/like he hates the world, and boy is it entertaining. 63% 3PT shooting in week 12 shows just how much he has improved from out there and his all-around game.Because this is the last time we will probably see DeMarcus Cousins' name at all, anywhere, for the rest of the season. Send him off on a high note! Recover well, big fella :(

22.5 PTS

14.5 REB

1.0 AST

0.8 STL

0.8 BLK

Marc Gasol

PER 27.78

MVP 32.78

The Jazz have been really good for a while now and Gasol's versatility is a huge reason why. Gasol has great chemistry with Chris Paul and they are one of the more talented duos in the NLL. He is a paint protector and can score from anywhere on the floor and is incredibly reliable and consistent and has a great beard. The Jazz have their sites on the top few seeds of the Western Conference playoffs. He does a lot, he just doesn't do as much as most of the other bigs on this list.

23.5 PTS

11.3 REB

2.0 AST

1.8 STL

2.3 BLK

Georgios Papagiannis

PER 27.12

MVP 32.12

'I love it when you call me Big Papa, throw yo hands in the air, if youse a glitch playa'. Papa has arguably gotten more air time than any other big in the NLL this year and he barely plays in the NBA. You know what I call that? Money for Jesse and his Grizzlies. Glitches have been part of the fabric of NLL since the earliest times - it's not his fault he's so good.Because you are a traditionalist and hate what Papa stands for, and are secretly jealous that someone else has a below-average big that is secretly an all-star, and not you.

24.5 PTS

14.8 REB

0.5 AST

1.0 STL

2.0 BLK

Anthony Davis

PER 34.13

MVP 44.13

Forgive me... I didn't see AD's name floating down the bottom of the list. Now THIS guy is arguably the best big in the game and is arguably the most dangerous player in the league. He took the Spurs to a title last year and is looking to try to do it again. His week 12 saw bumps in most statistics, seeing him put up over 32 points, 13 rebounds on 68% FG. Wow. He missed every three he took (there's a tidbit!).He has a good of a chance as anyone, this week. He is a true MVP candidate and All-NBA first lock. Throw him a vote and I wouldn't blame you.

32.5 PTS

13.5 REB

1.8 AST

1.8 STL

1.5 BLK

Brook Lopez

PER 30.79

MVP 40.79

The latest Kings big man in a long line of Kings big men to be paraded around as 'the man', might be the most talented offensively of them all. Brook Lopez's stock has fallen somewhat this season but he is still capable of leading an offense. The Kings had some big wins in week 12 and Lopez was instrumental, scorchingly efficient and versatile with his scoring.There are just too many other, well-rounded and equally or better performed big men this week. He has an outside chance because they took down OKC, but it's a long shot.

26.3 PTS

9.5 REB

0.8 AST

1.3 STL

0.5 BLK

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02/05 03:30 pm
02/05 02:31 pm
Haha @ wiz, missed him!
02/05 01:04 pm
Strange that Steph's not here.
02/05 12:56 pm
Wow. This week the only non PF/C is Simmons, who is 610
02/05 12:52 pm
Marc needs no introduction




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