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MVP WATCH - Week 12


Hassan Whiteside

PER 32.24

MVP 36.94

If rebounding was the sole criteria he would have this award on lock. It's not, but he has been an absolute beast on a Rockets team that plays through it's star bigman. The Rockets have been better recently, but would need to be a lot better and climb to the top echelon of the West to give him a chance. He also cannot miss another game.Too many missed games puts him a fair way back. Also he probably doesn't have the help in Houston to get the Rockets near the top of the standings. Playoffs are probably there for them, buts that not going to cut it in terms of this award. It's also likely we see him on the shelf again anyway.

25.9 PTS

15.8 REB

1.1 AST

2.0 STL

1.6 BLK

Jonas Valanciunas

PER 30.49

MVP 36.39

He would have won, if the season was only 5 weeks in length. The Magic have since struggled, dropping to 6th in the East. They would need to rediscover that so called Magic again to give JV a real chance. But his play has been terrific, there is no denying that. A real anchor for this team.I just don't think the Magic can catch the likes of Milwaukee, Cleveland and Charlotte in the East, especially now that the gap is much larger than it was in week 5. They would likely need those teams to drop some games, which seems unlikely. And he is still not the most durable player.

22.8 PTS

13.0 REB

1.0 AST

1.3 STL

1.2 BLK

DeMarcus Cousins

PER 29.63

MVP 35.43

An undeniable force in both the NLL and NBA, but unfortunately for him to win, you would have to ignore the games played, which are going to be only 49/82. The other big thing is the T-Wolves would have to continue to win without he and Kevin Love, their starting front court. His best chance is if the season ended today.With 8 weeks on the sidelines, people will likely forget about him. A shame but very likely a reality as he recovers from a torn achilles. You have got to think the Wolves struggle for the rest of the season now, without Kevin Love and their starting center. Shocking luck really, for the new GM.

22.8 PTS

12.6 REB

1.9 AST

1.8 STL

1.7 BLK

Stephen Curry

PER 31.55

MVP 37.85

The human torch, he is an amazingly gifted shooter who is leading the league in points, threes and field goals made. (When games eligible that is) He is a real point of difference to the litany of big men that frequent this award watch. But the Bulls need more wins for him to be a chance and would realistically need a top 4 east finish.Top 4 is not out of the realm of possibilities, but will be difficult in the East. The other question mark is the number of games that Steph has missed already, and possibly may miss in the future. Those ankles are always a worry, and with much success in the NBA may mean rest which probably see's him too far back.

33.2 PTS

2.7 REB

7.2 AST

1.6 STL

0.1 BLK

Kristaps Porzingis

PER 30.55

MVP 36.95

He is certainly gifted and unique enough in his skillset to stand out and win this award. Helping him is his Hornets who are finally putting wins on the board to go with their enormous future potential. He is the star in Charlotte and you would think they would need to probably be a top 2 or 3 team in the East to get him there.The Hornets are currently a top 3, but the gap to the Bucks is a little significant at the moment. I think he is a future MVP of this league, especially with the Hornets looking to be a serious NLL dynasty for years to come, but i think this season is a little early for the Unicorn. But he has time on his side.

29.7 PTS

10.6 REB

2.6 AST

1.6 STL

1.3 BLK

Kevin Durant

PER 28.10

MVP 34.70

A freakish offensive talent given his size, and he has even started really playing good defense this season. For him to jump from 10th best candidate too MVP? The Celtics have got to get to at least 3rd in the East, and he simply must play every game from here on out, and score the basketball at a hectic rate.As mentioned 10th is a fair way back. His team are no stranger to wins, but the Cavs and Bucks appear to have much stronger rosters. He is also just unable to stay healthy this season, and will likely have another stint on the sidelines before the season is over, even if its just rest due to the NBA Warriors.

27.7 PTS

6.8 REB

4.7 AST

1.2 STL

0.9 BLK

Anthony Davis

PER 29.40

MVP 36.20

To win, he would need to beat out his more fancied teammate, Joel Embiid. He needs to start snatching more rebounds and being a little more selfish on the offensive end. He has all the talent to be an NLL MVP though, and its great to see him dominating, as he does in the NBA. Again the Spurs probably really have to put the foot down too.If you are voting for a Spur, its probably Embiid at this stage. He has also appeared to cruise, along with his teammates at times. Perhaps a championship hangover? Davis is also no stranger to missed games through injury, so the body would have to hold up for the remainder. History says however, that this is unlikely.

28.1 PTS

11.9 REB

2.2 AST

1.5 STL

1.5 BLK

Joel Embiid

PER 31.47

MVP 38.27

He is probably the guy with the best chance at dethroning KAT at present. A highly skilled and physical specimen on the reigning champs, the Spurs, who are very much one of the teams to beat in the West. But he needs to keep playing well and start helping the team win a few more games. He also needs to stay healthy.Health has been his downfall so far in his early career, and so far that looks like still being a problem. It is unlikely that he is not rested for at least a week or two before the playoffs, which will hurt his chances. Any talk of a minute's restriction would basically be his downfall for this award.

26.1 PTS

13.4 REB

1.5 AST

2.0 STL

2.0 BLK

Andre Drummond

PER 27.61

MVP 35.31

His Cavs are still destroying teams on the glass and on the scoreboard, currently behind only the Bucks. He is the main reason for this, along with a guy named Lebron. But to really catch the other big names, Lebron would likely have to miss the rest of the season to allow his touches and numbers to increase a large amount.Possibly a victim of too much help, and not as multifaceted as the other big men in the running. He rebounds, dunks and blocks shots. Which is clearly great for winning basketball games, but not quite enough to really catch the attention of awards voters. The Cavs would pretty much have to go unbeaten.

21.8 PTS

13.5 REB

1.7 AST

1.8 STL

1.0 BLK

Karl-Anthony Towns

PER 30.91

MVP 39.01

If the season ended today, I believe this guy would be the MVP. He has had a dominant season on a dominant Bucks outfit. Neither he nor the Bucks show any signs of slowing down, and he has played in every game so far. A 31 per, and top ten in 5 categories makes this guy the current club house leader.To not win, one of the other guys in this list would need to improve their output over the last 7 weeks. The Bucks would have to start losing more games, or he would need to get injured and miss the rest of the season. None of these things seem likely.

24.5 PTS

13.3 REB

1.7 AST

1.8 STL

1.2 BLK




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