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NLL Insider - Team by Team: Los Angeles Lakers

by pennywise , updated on Wednesday, September 30 2015, 11:04 pm EST

2014/15 Finish: 66-16

Season Highlight

Greeny brings the trophy back to the West, after the years of futility of the Western Conference losing to the East.  Bask in all the glory Los Angeles, you’ve earned it!  The Lakers had the best record in the West and the 3rd best record overall.  They beat the best team (on paper and NLL standings) to hoist the trophy.  If that isn’t a season highlight, I don’t know what is!

Season Lowlight

The offseason…. Seriously Greeny, only 1 offseason news, and it was pretty lame!?!?  Nothing really interesting to say???  You won the ‘Ship!!!!

Best Trade

                The LA Lakers send Marco Belinelli and Noah Vonleh to the Milwaukee Bucks. The LA Lakers send Mario Chalmers to the Orlando Magic. The Milwaukee Bucks send Jarrett Jack to the LA Lakers. The Milwaukee Bucks send Dorell Wright to the Orlando Magic. The Orlando Magic send Gerald Henderson to the LA Lakers. The Orlando Magic send Festus Ezeli to the Milwaukee Bucks.

The LA Lakers send a 2nd-Rounder (LAL) to the Orlando Magic.

Jack and Henderson come to LA for a slow 3 point specialist, an underachieving PG, a raw rookie and a 2nd.  Do I even need to explain this one?

Worst Trade

                The LA Lakers send Carlos Boozer and Jeff Ayres to the Sacramento Kings. The Sacramento Kings send Jordan Hill and Darren Collison to the LA Lakers.

The Worst trade netted them 2 starters, but Collison only played half the year due to injury and Hill had his team option declined after a solid season with the Lakers.

Other Notable Trades

The LA Lakers send Matt Barnes, Kevin Seraphin and Shabazz Napier to the Portland Trail Blazers. The Portland Trail Blazers send Manu Ginobili and Henry Sims to the LA Lakers.

Manu goes out and plays brilliantly to get a ring before he retires sometime in the near future.

The LA Lakers send Tyler Zeller to the Philadelphia 76ers. The Philadelphia 76ers send Shabazz Napier to the LA Lakers.

A big for a PG, but Shabazz helped bring Manu to LA.


Best FA Signing

    Mario Chalmers – Used in above trade to bring both Gerald Henderson and Jarrett Jack to LA.

Worst FA Signing

  Cole Aldrich – He couldn’t even last a week on this star studded team before being cut.


                Gerald Green - Sure, I know what you’re thinking.  Why not Iggy, the do everything man, who was the main reason the Lakers won the ‘Ship.  However, you gotta put the ball in the basket more times than the opponent to win in the NLL and Green could light up the scoreboard.  He averaged a team best 26.4 points per and hoisted up over 10 3s a game, connecting on over 37% of them.  If this isn’t the definition of a volume scorer, I don’t know what is.


                Jarrett Jack - He went from under 12 points a game in Milwaukee to one of the season saviors for the Lakers.  Jack averaged 17 per for the Lakers with a solid 6.4 +/-.  His ability to play PG or SG really created nice mismatches during the playoffs and gave the Lakers, who struggled with PG play most of the season, a credible distributor.


                Garrett Temple – Like you can have a Goat on a Championship team?  Well, if you’re looking for production, don’t look to Temple.  He averaged under 6 points in 23 minutes per game.  Maybe that’s why GM Greenmig only let him play 11 games!

Draft Report Card

                The Lakers traded away all their draft pick to make that wondrous NLL Championship run.

Looking to the Future

                Even though the Lakers are the defending NLL Champs, their reign at the top will be short lived.  6 of the 7 free agents they have are F loyalty, so their ability to bring back last year’s team is slim to none.  They will likely lose at least 2 starters from last year, so they will look to rebuild in free agency or via trade.  They have already been shopping some of their bench pieces, but no one has seemed to have interest in Nick Young or Garrett Temple just yet.  The Lakers will still make the playoffs in the West, but with Memphis, Minnesota, Houston and Oklahoma City looking to move into the postseason and the Kings, Mavs, Spurs and Jazz all looking like they will improve this offseason, we don’t expect the Lakers to repeat.

Upcoming Free Agents

Tyson Chandler – Key big man for the interior defense of the Lakers.  If he were to leave, it could damage the defensive chemistry that Greeny worked so hard to create. 

Jordan Hill – Team option was declined……  Hello free agency!

Gerald Green – Another major contributor for the Lakers.  Expect LA to throw all those hard earned GM to ensure he stays in the purple and gold.

Manu Ginobili – The only guy that will likely return without any coercion, but he’s 38 and has a lot of miles on those legs.  Can he stay healthy for another run?

Henry Sims – Young big man that couldn’t stay on a team as crappy as the NBA Sixers, so I don’t see Greeny losing sleep as he hits free agency.

Jabari Brown – A 10 day contract guy that has nice attributes, but can he put them all together?  If he return, he’s likely just a reserve player.

Darius Morris – Fringe NBA player that can’t seem to stay on a team.  Has not signed in NBA, so could end up gone.



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