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NLL Insider - Fixing the Past: Miami Heat

by vt, updated on Sunday, July 16 2017, 06:36 am EST

In this series, GM VT and GM Laddas take a look at lower-tier franchises and offer tips on how to restore them to glory.

The Story So Far: Gm Breece inherited the Miami Heat in poor shape in the middle of last season. The team had been trying to figure out ways to oust much-despised GM Proid (aka “The Professor”) after he traded away stars such as Kemba Walker and Steph Curry and getting very little in return besides Rudy Gay. Many of “the Professor’s” moves seemed out-of-date, as if his basketball knowledge ceased in 2010. After threatening to quit numerous times, the league had had enough of his poor management and behavior, and fired him. New GM Breece had his work cut out for him, much like the high school janitor when the rebel kids leave a “prank” for him in the bathroom. But all hope is not lost. If GM Breece follows our simple steps, the Heat may actually burn again.


Dwight Powell: Powell may not have lived up to the hype that GM Klemm spun all over when the season began last year, but he is a decent big man signed to a kind deal. He can shoot the ball and he has decent energy. He is also one of the team’s best players. We say the Heat keep Powell barring a miraculous offer.

Channing Frye: Frye’s nearly $8 million deal has changed from an overpay to a decent rate for a big man who can shoot. Frye won’t contribute much and certainly shouldn’t be starting, especially for a cellar-dweller like the Heat. Breece needs to be aggressive. Offer Frye out to a contender and ask for a mere 2nd rounder back. Someone might do it!

P.J. Tucker: Just let him walk. Renounce him now.

Monta Ellis: Ellis arguably had his worst NLL season last time. Another example of Proid’s clueless nature, Ellis had his contract voided when the season ended. He is about 50/50 to re-sign with the Heat. He is already 31, and declining. However, some contender may want some firepower off the bench. Hang onto Ellis and see if he sticks, but don’t waste any GM points convincing him to stay. If he stays, trade him immediately for a younger player or a pick.

D.J. Augustin: Augustin still has minimal value as a backup point guard and Breece should be working the phone now to move him. Search through teams in need of a backup PG and make an offer. Or try to get a 2nd rounder for him.

Timofey Mozgov: Hate to say it, Breece. You might be stuck with this overpaid big man. If there is a team looking to take on salary, you might be able to move him. Otherwise, he will remain a big, white lumpy monument to Proid’s inefficacy. You may be able to include him a deal as a salary matcher down the line.

Richard Jefferson: Breece! A contender could probably use RJ. He still has some gas in the tank and his deal is relatively cheap. A team like the Spurs, Knicks, Sixers, etc could use RJ. Advertise him! Go out and make the effort. Don’t wait. You can likely score a 2nd rounder for him.

Maurice Ndour: He got cut in the NBA. You may as well cut him too and use the roster space.

Trey Burke: Can you believe Burke was the 6th pick overall at one point? Well, he is ending his rookie on the wrong note. That said, the Heat are desperate for bodies and no one is going to be spending points to bring in Burke. The Heat should put a QO on him, let him become a restricted free agent and then bring him back. He will never be a franchise player, but he could find himself a role at some point and become a future trade chip even.

Devin Harris: Like Augustin and RJ, can serve on a contending team IF his option is picked up, which it most likely will be. If so, find a contending team willing to give a 2nd or a young player for him. If his option is refused, renounce him ASAP.

Lance Thomas: What does one say about Lance Thomas? Once a solid 3 and D prospect, he is now an overpaid veteran who can kinda defend with an okay jumpshot. Only a desperate team will take him. This is what the Heat get for Rudy Gay. Proves why you shouldn’t move all your assets for one guy. Heat are probably stuck with Thomas.

Chasson Randle: Here is something to be a little optimistic about. Randle is a dynamic, combo guard who actually may be considered….dare we say…a prospect. He is also cheap, so if he sticks, he won’t hurt the Heat’s cap. Who knows, he night blow up? Or maybe some other GM will really want him and offer the Heat something good.

Mike Dunleavy: Why is he even on the Heat’s roster at this point? Renounce him!

Luke Babbitt: Let him follow the Dunleavy Highway down to Renounce-ville.

Kyle Kuzma: Keep him! He has the tools to be a solid player.

Advice: The Heat are in a really bad way. “The Professor” left this team as the worst in the NLL. To top it all off, their 2018 draft pick is owed to the Hornets! (Top 3 protected). So what should the team now?

·       Be active. If your team looks like a carcass picked over by vultures, the NLL vultures won’t be coming to you to make deals. Learn about the other teams, their needs and make them offers. The worst they can do is counter or say no!

·       Talk to Charlotte about lowering that protection number. Maybe offer him GM points or a player to lower it to top 5 or top 10 or something.

·       Clear out cap space by renouncing guys and moving veterans. That way, you could possibly swoop in during free agency and grab a big salary guy that others can’t afford.

·       Absorb contracts. Look like the Grizzlies did with Kent Bazemore. Looks for a decent guy that might be overpaid and try to help cap-burdened teams by taking on larger deals.

·       Look to move that 2019 pick that SA owes you for a 2018 pick. Look through teams that have a lot of 2018 picks and offer it up for one. Or offer it up for a young player that can help now, one you can build around.

·       Again: don’t be afraid to dump vets for 2nd rounders and cap space. You can also combine some of the lesser players in 2 for 1 deals.

So whatcha waiting for? Go out there and make the Heat great!

  Comments (7) 
07/17 12:40 am
Great insider idea :)
07/17 12:24 am
Just for clarity I do not owe Miami a pick. That is an old note from the sac deal and klemm took my 2020 pick instead.
07/16 10:17 am
Some teams
07/16 10:17 am
Since teams were so mismanaged... New gms look active and should turn it around. But it will take a lot of patience. And years as they mostly don't have their picks.
07/16 09:12 am
Great idea to keep everyone involved and offer insightful advice. Nice stuff.
07/16 08:36 am
Great article. The key takeaway, "Be active."
07/16 08:16 am
Great idea, nice one guys


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