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NLL Insider - What's Next? Atlantic Division

by dazman32, updated on Wednesday, June 28 2017, 10:18 pm EST

Red = Team option

Blue = Possible trade / Free agency candidates

The Atlantic

Philadelphia 76ers

Approx Cap Situation: $81,000,000

GM Points: 88

Record: +23

Picks: #10 Zach Collins

Key Players Returning:

Kawhi Leonard $17,638,063

Damien Lillard $24,328,425

Avery Bradley $8,269,663

Derrick Favors, Richaun Holmes, T.J. Warren, Jordan Clarkson, Isaiah Whitehead, Kelly Oubre, Domantas Sabonis, Isaiah Taylor

Unrestricted Free Agents:

David Lee, Darren Collison

Restricted Free Agents:

Rudy Gobert, Ben McLemore


Rudy Gobert will be back for a lot of money. Derrick Favors is being shopped around. Darren Collison will be brought back at any price.


Depending on when they sign Rudy Gobert to his new contract, the Sixers may have some money to go for a top big man to add to their bench. They will then try and bring in another big, and the best available talent for the MLE and minimum.


Having underachieved with a super talented squad, VT has already been hard at work, trying to balance the roster.

Avery Bradley was brought in for CJ McCollum to improve the defence in the backcourt. And Darren Collison also acquired to backup Lillard.

The bench will still need a big man via free agency, and there will be opportunities for 10th pick Zach Collins if he is ready to play.

Regardless of what happens in free agency, this team will be a contender again next season.

Possible Line-up

PG – Damien Lillard

SG – Avery Bradley

SF – Kawhi Leonard

PF – Derrick Favors

C – Rudy Gobert

6th Man – Jordan Clarkson


New York Knicks

Approx Cap Situation: $47,000,000

GM Points: 94

Record: +21

Picks: #27 Caleb Swanigan #59 Jabari Bird

Key Players Returning:

Kyrie Irving $17,638,063

Dwight Howard $23,180,275

Lance Stephenson $4,144,386

Bobby Portis, Kyle Anderson, Rodney McGruder, Nicolas Brussino

Unrestricted Free Agents:

Paul Millsap, James Harden, Zach Randolph, Luc Mbah a Moute, Patrick Mills, Nene Hilario

Restricted Free Agents:

Joe Ingles


Millsap, Harden and Randolph will be brought back at any cost. Patrick Mills and Nene Hilario will test free agency.


The Knicks will have their hands full re-signing Harden, Millsap and Randolph. If there is money left over they will likely seek a starting small forward. The MLE and minimum will then be used on wings and perhaps a point guard.


Dunadan has been very quiet after being a Kyrie Irving three away from winning the NLL title.

James Harden will be payed, and he will need to work hard to convince Paul Millsap and Zach Randolph to return for another shot at it.

The bench will likely lose some depth, so free agency is going to be important to re-stock and be ready for another tilt.

This team will be a contender, and looking to go one better next season.

Possible Line-up

PG – Kyrie Irving

SG – James Harden

SF – Lance Stephenson

PF – Paul Millsap

C – Dwight Howard

6th Man – Zach Randolph


Brooklyn Nets

Approx Cap Situation: $116,000,000

GM Points: 55

Record: +9


Key Players Returning:

DeMar DeRozan $26,540,100

Eric Bledsoe $14,000,000

Kevin Love $21,165,675

DeAndre Jordan, Khris Middleton, Chris LeVert, Kyle O'Quinn, Etwaun Moore, James Ennis, Justin Anderson

Unrestricted Free Agents:

Donatas Motiejunas, Ty Lawson

Restricted Free Agents:

Mason Plumlee


Etwaun Moore will be traded to reduce cap burden. Donatas Motiejunas won't be pursued. Mason Plumlee may not be matched.


Already over the cap, the Nets will likely try and keep Lawson and perhaps Plumlee using bird years. They will then only be able to fill out their bench using the MLE and minimum salaries.


All the main guys on this squad are locked away. Wizkid has done a great job building a terrific starting five.

However, he will really need to pull a rabbit out of the hat during free agency.

They are already over the luxury cap, and will need to build a bench to help this team play for a crucial home court advantage next season.

The number of solid veteran minimum guys signed will tell us how far this team can go next season.

Possible Line-up

PG – Eric Bledsoe

SG – DeMar DeRozan

SF – Khris Middleton

PF – Kevin Love

C – DeAndre Jordan

6th Man – Chris LeVert


Boston Celtics

Approx Cap Situation: $30,000,000

GM Points: 54

Record: +11


Key Players Returning:

Brook Lopez $21,165,675

Trevor Ariza $7,806,971

Shabazz Napier $1,350,120

Dorian Finney-Smith, Kevin Seraphin, A.J. Hammons

Unrestricted Free Agents:

Kevin Durant, Kyle Lowry, Andre Iguodala, Tyreke Evans, Shelvin Mack, Dewayne Dedmon

Restricted Free Agents:

Derrick Jones Jr., Walter Tavares, Archive Goodwin


Durant, Lowry and Iguodala will be brought back at any cost. Tyreke Evans could be a sign and trade. Kevin Durant may start at center.


Tyreke Evans may be the odd man out. If the Celtics are serious about starting Durant at center, then they will use any available money to sign a starting power forward. The rest will be MLE and minimum salaries.


Free agency is going to decide whether this team can still contend or will fall away a little from the top dogs out East.

Jmac must try and convince three of his starters to return, if they even lose one or two, it's going to be hard going replacing them.

However, we have seen Jmac pull of free agency miracles before, so if anyone can get through this unscathed, it is he.

Luckily Durant should be back, so this team still makes the playoffs, regardless of who's around him.

Possible Line-up

PG – Kyle Lowry

SG – Andre Iguodala

SF – Trevor Ariza

PF – Kevin Durant

C – Brook Lopez

6th Man – Dorian Finney-Smith


Toronto Raptors

Approx Cap Situation: $62,000,000

GM Points: 46

Record: -15

Picks: #37 Ivan Rabb #48 Monte Morris

#51 Edmond Sumner

Key Players Returning:

Bradley Beal $22,116,750

Jae Crowder $6,286,408

Tyson Chandler $12,415,000

Kriss Dunn, Will Hernangomez, Marco Belinelli, Solomon Hill

Unrestricted Free Agents:

Derrick Williams, Shaun Livingston, Brandon Rush

Restricted Free Agents:

Kelly Olynyk, Bojan Bogdanovic, David Nwaba


Veterans Williams, Livingston and Rush will test free agency. Any offers for Olynyk and Bogdanovic will be matched. Tyson Chandler may be traded during the season.


Even after signing Olynyk, the Raptors will have some money to spend and may try and target a top line point guard, power forward or center. There record won't help them much though.


The Raptors GM Carl Spackler appears impatient with the rebuilding process.

He traded away pick 5 (DeAaron Fox), Gorgui Dieng and John Henson for Bradley Beal and Tyson Chandler.

While Beal is still young and can grow with the other remaining youngish guys, Chandler is a veteran who may end up as trade bait throughout the season.

Kriss Dunn will need to work hard during the off-season to become the point guard this team is going to need to rise up the standings. The Playoffs still seem out of reach next season.

Possible Line-up

PG – Kriss Dunn

SG – Bradley Beal

SF – Jae Crowder

PF – Kelly Olynyk

C – Tyson Chandler

6th Man – Willy Hernangomez


Ladder Predictor 2018

The Sixers starters will all be back and are hitting their prime together. The Knicks will do enough to keep their core intact and will again contend. The Nets have improved their starting line-up and should leap frog the Celtics, who may lose a key player or two. Four teams from this division will likely be in the playoffs again, leaving the improving Raptors still a season or two away at the bottom of the division.

1.      Philadelphia 76ers

2.      New York Knicks

3.      Brooklyn Nets

4.      Boston Celtics

5.      Toronto Raptors

  Comments (8) 
06/30 02:54 am
Zaza took out both Durant and Leonard in the one season
06/29 05:52 pm
I know deep down, Dave hates Zaza....
06/29 04:47 pm
He missed the entire series.
06/29 04:47 pm
He missed the entire series.
06/29 06:54 am
To be honest, i didnt realize that Kawhi was missing in game 7.
06/29 06:19 am
Eh, I wouldn't consider finishing with the league's best record and losing 4-3 in a tough series with your best player out to be underachieving. But thanks for setting the bar high!
06/29 12:42 am
Looks like a few of my blue and red got lost in transition.
06/29 12:34 am
It's always been a tough division. Just seems to get tougher. Great write up.


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