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How submit Games

Submitting Human and Sim games works in exactly the same way.

You need 3 files to successfully submit a game. The playerstats-files for both teams and the screenshot of the final score.

1. If you have games to submit this week, the 'My Team'-Menu on the site will remind you.

2. The Submit-Game page has a drop-down box to select the game you want to submit and three fields to select the necessary files.

The page will check whether the text-files are correct and then uploads the files.

3. Now the stats are imported into the database and the final score is calculated.

Do not refresh this page!

To finish please also submit the scores after the quarter that you wrote down during the game.

Whether or not fields for OT are needed is calculated from the minutes players played.

If were more than 1 OT, simply leave out the excess quarters.





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