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Offseason - Signing Guide

Welcome Back! And welcome to the new GM’s.

The season is about to begin again and this is probably the most important time for your team. This guide is intended to make the FA process as easy as possible. It is for all GMs, new and old. The best course of action if you don't understand something: ask a veteran GM or a Commish!

Read on, as the Insider answers all of your free agent questions!

Sequence of Events

Enter GM points to your expired players in the free agent tab under MY TEAM. One GM point equals 1% increase of chance of coming back. Remember you only have a limited amount of GM points and once they are gone, you can't get them back.



A  90% - 99%

B  80% - 89%

C  70% - 79%

D  60% - 69%

F  0% - 59%


Returning FAs factor in loyalty, your record last season (+/- 1% for every win over/under .500) and how much playing time they got.

What to Do-

Once you know which players are willing to return, it is up to you to re-sign the players you want. The two most important things you need to pay attention to are your salary cap and luxury cap situation.


Players who were involved in Sign and Trade (S&T) in the NBA must be traded by their NLL teams before the start of week 1.  Failure to trade these players will result in the loss of 1 gm point per week and the player will be placed on the IR. S&T players (they still must agree to come back if not they become a FA as normal):

Leave any minimum contract players to sign until the end of this period. You can sign them over the caps.

First look for players you cannot sign over the cap (ie players with less than 3 Bird Years).

To re-sign them you need to use actual cap space or your MLE. If you have cap space left, DO NOT use your MLE. This is extra money to be used once you are over the cap. Also, be aware of luxury cap rules. If you sign players over the luxury cap limit, you will lose points. (-1point for each new $1 million over the LUX cap)

First round rookies can be signed regardless of your cap situation. If you are over the luxury tax, non-minimum rookies will make you lose GM points. Non-minimum second rounders cannot be.

Any unsigned players will be placed in the FA pool once the deadline arrives.

Then the FA period arrives. Four or five players are released each day to bid upon. You can then allocate GM points to help increase your chance of winning. Any points bid will be lost, whether you win or lose. Players consider your record, the number of similar, better players you have on your roster and how many points you allocate in the deal. You can rescind and adjust bids up until the deadline. Every 72 hours, the winning bidders are announced. Unsigned FAs will still be available the next day to bid on. Any team can bid on a minimum player, regardless of their cap situation, without penalty.

FA Vocabulary

NLL amnesty Clause –

1) You can Amnesty ONE player total. Not per season but in TOTAL. For example, if you don't want to use your amnesty this season, you can hang onto it for next season or the season after. Don't feel like you have to use it if you don't want to use it.
2) You have to use it before free agent signing begins (1/7).
3) You cannot use it on a player acquired in a trade when we begin. The player must be on your team as of 12/26 (players acquired after 12/26 cannot be amnestied this season).
4) In order to Amnesty a player, simply email the league. He and his salary will be completely removed from your team.

NLL Bird Years-The number of years a player has completed under his current deal without changing teams through free agency. If a Player has completed 3 or more years, then the NLL Bird Rule Kicks in and he can be re-signed by his current team even if the team is over the base salary cap as well as the luxury cap.

Mid-Level-Exception AKA MLE - Your MLE will depend on your salary situation before the re-signing period begins. If you are under the cap, you will have a $2.5 million MLE to use. If you are between the salary cap and the lux cap, you will have a $5 million MLE. If you are over the luxury cap, you get a $3 million MLE.
(Players signed with the MLE do count against the Salary Cap once they are signed. So use any available cap-space before using the MLE!)


Bi-Annual Exception -  Each team may use may $1,900,000 to sign any free agent to a contract, but it cannot be used two years in a row. Like the mid-level exception, the biannual exception can also be split among more than one player. If you begin the re-signing period above the luxury tax threshold, you lose your BAE for the season.


Traded Player Exception (TPE) -  new feature to NLL, a TPE is generated every time salary is traded away in a trade and is worth the amount of salary lost. The exception is valid for one year.
It can later be used to acquire salary, but cannot be combined with players. It may only be traded alongside draft picks, rights and GM points. A TPE can be used in a sinlge follow-up deal or split up and used several times (until it's whole value is used up), but multiple TPEs cannot be combined.


Luxury Cap - In the NBA this figure was devised to keep big market money teams more on par with small market teams. It is a dollar for dollar tax for having a player payroll exceeding a certain figure. The NLL version implements a penalty in the form of lost GM points. In this instance a severe loss of GM points can effect your teams ability to retain your current FA players as well as obtain new ones on the market when bidding against other GM’s.

Player Waiving - Waiving a player can help and hurt a team. Players are waived/cut for various reasons. Doesn’t fit the system, perennially injured, make room for a fresh body. One of the most misunderstood reasons is SALARY CAP Relief. Waiving a player is not instant salary relief. Your team will continue to be accountable for the waived player’s salary until he either leaves the league (NBA) via retirement, joins another league, is picked up by another NLL team that will pay his salary, or his contract expires.

Minimum Salary deals - Minimum salary deals can be signed even when a team has exceeded the salary and luxury caps. Typically reserved for little used veterans and some undrafted rookies. Minimum signings are also 1yr and do not cause gm point lost if you are over the luxury cap.

Restricted FAs

Restricted free agents exist in the NLL. If the player signs an offer sheet in the NBA, he will automatically become an F in the NLL. These players will go through the same free agent process as others.

If a restricted players opts to become a free agent, he will enter the pool. Any team can bid on this player. Once a bid is processed, the original has 48hrs to claim this player. During this period, the bidding team will have the money allocated to that player locked. If the free agency period ends and a restricted player is still in the pool, his old team will then have the option whether or not to claim him.

If a restricted free agent chooses to return to his former team and he is not signed, he automatically becomes a non-restricted FA. The team who wins a restricted FA bid gets his GM pts back if the player is claimed by his old team. Losing bids do not get their points back.




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